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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
post no bills


on the list titled "necessary to delay impending madness":

1) haircut! my hair has reached the length where I look like I have traveled in time (either frontwards or backwards) from the Era of Stupid Hair. Unfortunately, even though I really like the girl who cuts my hair (she has an awesome chicken tattoo!), I really hate making an appointment. HATE IT. Eventually my hair hatred will override my appointment-making hatred and I'll have cute hair again. It's just sad when a person has to resort to an internal hate fight to get a freaking haircut. I think this time I'll make an appointment for next time while I'm there!

2) knee boots. This has been creeping up on me for a long time. First it was one of those jokes that's more of a test -- out loud: "ha ha ha! go-go boots/boots to the knee? suuuure." (inside: secretly covet but think they may be too weird, too much, too loud) -- but I have moved out of that stage and into Acknowledgement Of My Desire. I almost tackled a woman in the library yesterday because she had the coolest non-slutty boots to the knee I have seen in a long time! And then another one came in! it was boots, boots, boots, everywhere! They are so perfect with dresses and skirts in this weird spring weather. I have a pair that come about 6" from the knee, but it's just not the same. sigh. The good news is since we're coming out of boot-season here, I might be able to find some for cheap.
recently learned at the library:
1) little boys of a certain age (around 6-7) find garfield HILARIOUS. I would have thought it impossible for anyone to do so, but I have seen it with my own eyes!

2) this technically was at staff day and not at the library proper, but I think it counts. Ursula Le Guin was a guest speaker (gracious and wonderful), and during the Q & A she was asked about her advice for aspiring writers. She said (paraphrase): get a good job! You'll need it because hardly anyone gets paid for writing anymore. (she further recommended the kind of job that doesn't devour your every thought and will to live so that you have time to write.) The other thing she recommended, and she was rather apologetic, was practice, practice, practice. She said that it was the unfortunate truth of any of the arts; if you want to play the tuba, you have to play the tuba.

More lists tomorrow, including online places you can keep lists.
8 comments on "you have to play the tuba"
  1. I have been "playing the tuba" every single day for like 2 weeks. It is difficult to begin with but it gets easier?

  2. Go you, with your tuba playing EVERY SINGLE DAY! That is fantastic. Although I have to say when you put "playing the tuba" in quotes it sounds kind of dirty.

  3. I laugh/giggle when I type or read "playing the tuba". It sure does sound dirty. And I like that.

  4. BBD you keep your "tuba playing" to yourself!

    Jen, when I was a young girl of that age, I also thought Garfield was hilarious. GO FIGURE!

  5. I came across a photo of myself when I was probably 8 and there I was, cutting out garfield comics from the paper and, ohmigosh, putting them in a scrapbbok! I have no real memories of that time and I am thankful for that.

  6. ha ha! you guys are cracking me up! I was more of a Marmaduke girl. (which is funny because I've always had cats and never had a dog!)

    BBD, I think we need to see these pictures. Don't you agree, Leslita?

  7. Only one picture there is and I will have to look again for it. I could've put it in a place that I might not remember. Not the trash. Just maybe with all of the Jake pictures, which there are waaaay too many of.

  8. Love that quote about if you want to play the tuba you have to play the tuba. Limpid!

    But I can't figure out what is wrong with knee boots that look slutty?


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