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Sunday, April 06, 2008
"Not 'Anytime Annie'? Say, who could forget her? She only said 'no' once, and then she didn't hear the question!"

Ha ha! I just watched 42nd street, and I have to say my favorite character was Ginger Rogers as Anytime Annie. A monocle (!!!), a completely fake posh accent, a finely tuned bullshit detector, a smart mouth, a heart of gold -- what's not to love? I'm going to have to have a Ginger With No Fred film festival. (Fred's such an attention hog.) I would have much preferred to watch more of her and less of that strangely underwater performance by Ruby Keeler as the ingenue. (her timing was so weird and her performance so flattened it was almost like she was recovering from having been accidentally shot with a tranquilizer dart or having her lines simultaneously translated from Russian. I kept hoping that this reaction lag was somehow rooted in her character, but... no. ) Anyway -- Ginger Rogers stole the show whenever she was on the screen. This post at the Self-Styled Siren has considered and wonderful Anytime Annie details.

(the fake accent reminds me of a guy I worked with a couple of weeks ago -- he was dressed like an extra in a Guy Ritchie movie and spoke (only to me!) with a fake english accent. He used his regular voice with patrons. Why do this? Is it because I'd never worked with him before and he thought I wouldn't notice? It's not even a very good fake english accent! It's so bizarre, but it made me laugh.)

Vague Enough?

I read a blog post a couple of weeks ago that I found profoundly affecting in a fun and affirming way (rather than an "oh, I guess I don't have it so bad after all" way). The thing is, I can't link to it -- it would be far too directly revealing! It was code red button pressing for me. It's the kind of thing that if I'd heard it aloud, would render me unconscious and I'd have to be revived via portable defibrillator or random lightning strikes. You can't count on either of those! Reading is so dangerous. It was a short piece; less than 150 words, but it was one of those lightbulb over the head moments. Eureka! Aside from making me dizzy (in a good way), it pulled back the curtain on a window I forgot was there, and I'm so happy it did! The view is lovely and not nearly as limited as I once supposed.

Letters Section:

dear ice cream,

it's not you, it's me. I have to stay away for my own sake. I'll call you when I can button my jeans again.

I miss you already,

p.s. will you tell frozen yogurt?

Back On Task:

Today is the day I intend to get a major storage issue taken care of. Woo hoo! Wish me luck. I have all the supplies I need, so I suppose what's next is to get off the internet and actually DO IT. I will be thinking about what other figures (beyond Anytime Annie, the Planter's Peanut and the Monopoly Man) wear monocles. I can't figure out how or why they were ever considered practical, but they DO make me laugh.
4 comments on "she didn't hear the question!"
  1. Ah! You tease. Now you have me looking at windows.

    ps. Did Bertie Wooster were a monocle?

  2. I must know what you read. I must also confess that I love IC but that I must bid that sweet love a sad and firm farewell. For now.

  3. Adam -- Thank you! Bertie Wooster DID wear a monocle. I'm one step closer to assembling the Fictional Monocle Database. p.s. thanks for stopping by.

    BBD -- I can't tell you unless you have a portable defibrillator!

    I'm sorry that ice cream did you wrong, too. Is there no end to its sweet, sweet infamy?

  4. I still want to know what you read. You can always link it to an email...but if not that is fine. I will just be sure to give you lots and lots of ice cream when I see you next.


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