gorilla with a flame thrower (obviously)

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Friday, April 11, 2008
This video for national library week made me laugh.

In Other News, I am still waiting on three out of three things, which is not what I call a good time. I'm sure it's making me a better person and all, but it may well drive me crazy first.

In Better News, I can see the crescent moon right out my window, and that's pretty cool for the following reasons:

1) the crescent moon is beautiful, which I don't think gets as much attention as it deserves. I know it's technically overshadowed by THE EARTH, but it's really overshadowed by that glory hound the full moon.

2) that I can see this waxing crescent moon means that the sky is clearing at least a little, and MAYBE the sun will actually shine on the city of portland tomorrow. The sun may shine, and at least one of my three issues may get resolved! I know, I know -- let's not get carried away.
3 comments on "gorilla with a flame thrower (obviously)"
  1. I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine today. I am loving it. Although, and I can't believe I am admitting this, I did find something today that I did not enjoy about the sun. What it was is not as important as the fact that my whining/complaining is getting out of control, fo SHO!!!

  2. I LOVE IT! It's incredibly sunny and warm today too. I am having a hard time imagining you complaining about the sun! do you have a fever? Do you need more cowbell?

    Have you seen the the tulips yet?

  3. Well...we were stuck on I-5 for 90 minutes before we could even EXIT so NO, we did NOT see the tulips. Instead everyone started arguing and basically wanted to kill each other. But that didn't happen until AFTER we were out of gridlock. It was a beautiful day though. Really. I hope tomorrow is as sunny so I can be out in it a bit more. More cowbell is NEVER a bad idea.


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