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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
I have had a headache all day, which I lay at the feet of the changing weather. It's been raining off and on all day long, but it's allegedly supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. The barometer squeezes my head once more! I had a lot of energy and a long list this morning but the energy was diverted headacheward fairly early and the list isn't any shorter. Well, it's a little shorter but it wasn't very fun.

Which brings me to my thwartings. I was all prepped to get my Rant On about how everything I've attempted lately has been a failure, but I realized that simply isn't true. What is true is that I have had to wait longer, or things don't happen in the order I think they should happen, or, and this one can be difficult (but rewarding) for me, sometimes things come completely out of the blue! I'm becoming aware that my timelines are often completely artificial and born of impatience rather than any real sense of rightness. My instincts are usually sound, but my timing is usually off. It's getting better, though. I know it sounds cheesy, but I think watching the seasons change in the park has been a big help. The phrase "in the fullness of time" is resonating more and more. (Not that this keeps me from having flat-out freakouts on a regular basis!) ANYWAY. Most recent example would be yesterday when I went downtown to run what was supposed to be a ridiculously simple errand. Of course that didn't work out, and when I got back to my car... TICKET. My expired tags scofflaw bluff had been called by the meter-maid man! The "failure to display current registration" will cost you. (and I deserve to pay! You scoff the law, you takes yer chances.)

I went home (after two more unsuccessful stops), then decided to go to DEQ and finally get the stupid tags. I expected to wait in a hideous line, so I brought reading material. I expected that they would close before I actually got to the testing bay because it was after 4 when I left home. Well, guess what? not only did I drive almost directly into the testing bay (I barely had time to fill out the paperwork), the test took less than 5 minutes, I didn't have to get out of my car -- and since there was no one else in line (and I was EXPIRED) the test guy told me I could put my tags on right there. Of course I ended up ripping one of the tags in half trying to get it out of the baggie and I can't say I'm too fond of squatting in front of OR behind a car that is running, but I left the DEQ a law abiding citizen once more.

Anyway. The photo of the ticket is one taken with the photo booth program on my computer. Another instance of getting ahead of myself -- I decided to start a self portrait project in feb. which I gave up due to boredom, but now, a couple of months later, the photo booth makes it easy and fun. Hooray!

Here are some spring pictures. Everything is changing so fast!
spring tree
Allergy season is upon us, but how fun are these tassels? (answer: so mega-fun!)

no flash
I love how velvety the petals look. This shrub (I can't remember the name) is a hit with the birds.

oooh, this reminds me: flickr now will allow pro members to upload video. I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand -- isn't this why youtube exists? why do they have to go messing with a good thing? on the other hand -- one of the justifications they used was that they saw the video as an opportunity for "long pictures," which I think is pretty cool. I like the notion of a long picture. There is a 90 second cap on length, and I have to say the whole idea has me thinking about the video setting on my little camera, which I never have before. It's like capturing a moment instead of an instant. Or something. The limitations (90 seconds, my camera's extremely limited video ability) remind me of how much fun I had taking landscape pictures on the polaroid (R.I.P.) iZone camera. So, we'll see. Today I took a tiny video (like, 7 seconds!) of some crows flying. I expect there will be a lot of pretentious amateur "beautiful garbage" ala American Beauty videos on flickr in addition to the cats falling off things and babies eating lemons found on youtube, but so what? There will be some really wonderful things, too.
5 comments on "thwarted, or maybe not"
  1. I am happy that your DEQ experience was relatively simple and that you were able to display such an awesome photo of a ticket. I will be investigating tulips this weekend. I blame that on the beautiful weather we are supposed to have over this weekend.

  2. Well, I hope it gets here for the weekend because while it's not terrible right now, I wouldn't describe it as SUNNY! (since it is raining.)

    But what I really mean is I hope that you enjoy looking at the tulips! Are you going out to woodburn? It's so beautiful when it's sunny out and mt. hood is visible. Other gardens in the area for later in the season: Schreiner's Iris garden, and the dahlia gardens. I think there might be a peony garden too, but I may have just invented that because I would like for there to be one.

  3. Yes, the wooden shoe tulip festival is what I think I will be visiting this weekend. The weather "person" said that it could be 78 degrees Saturday and he even showed some weird map that somehow showed that all the other weather "people" thought that the weather would be dry and lovely.
    I don't know. I was kind of paying attention while I was hoping for some immediate sun or perhaps a loud explosion far enough away from me but that would still be able to shake me out of the blahs.

  4. Horray! Jen, Your post showed up on my "google alert". I'm a communications specialist at DEQ and work with the Vehicle Inspection program.

    I'm glad we were able to help brighten your day!

    William Knight
    Oregon DEQ
    (503) 229-5680

  5. BBD -- ha ha! I know that "weird map" -- it's like if they all agree that it will be sunny, you can't blame them if it's not because "the map said so." I'm sorry you've got the blahs, but am frankly glad you're not troubled by explosions. I could sneak up behind you and pop a balloon or something. would that help?

    William -- that is too funny! I never thought I'd say it, but the DEQ Vehicle Inspection was pretty much the highlight of my day! (it was the one on 33rd, bay #2 if you are handing out huge cash awards to helpful employees.)


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