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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
so much catching up to do!

I know it's almost the weekend again, but here's what I did last weekend, photos where applicable:

this is from the other day -- part of my ongoing park project. It's getting harder and harder to sneak around and do what I need to do because as the weather gets nicer, more people are out and about. I may have to switch from waiting until nobody is around to just pretending that nobody is around.

Friday: 1/2 extremely fabulous day, 1/2 wretched punched in the heart day. Upon reflection, I find I am much more fond of the former than the latter.

Saturday: Beach Day! I went to the coast for the day with my mom and sister. Sometimes an outing is just the thing. Good times were had! Important beach news: My favorite Thai restaurant has moved to a better location, but their food still tastes wonderful.

we heart your dog

This was cute -- if you can't read it, it says "We (heart) Your Dog." By the time I walked by it again it was being repurposed for another sand castle, so I was glad I took the picture when I did!

different colors

I have to limit what I'll allow myself to pick up when I go to the beach or I end up with too many rocks in my pockets. (really many too many.) Last time it was rocks that had circles (quartz inclusions) that went all the way around. This time, I told myself I would only pick up things that were different colors.

lincoln city

I know it doesn't look like much in this photo, but the sky was actually a very restful blue/greyish color -- but not gloomy grey -- the sun was bright enough to give me a tiny (very tiny!) sunburn. sigh. Okay, not a sunburn. but I swear to you, I could FEEL the sun!

kathy's fabric stash
Sunday: I went over to my friend Blondie's house to help her list an apartment on Craigslist. We did that (and got a call within 5 minutes! it's a pretty sweet apartment), but the bulk of the day was spent working on my crazy vintage quilt project. I was typing up the details to post tonight, but I think I'll let them be their own post later on this week. She just redid her guest room as a sewing studio and it looks fantastic. The photo above is of her fabric stash, cotton division. Mine is nowhere near as tidy. (NOWHERE NEAR.)

blooming tree
And now, some random necessities. Since it is the last day (barely) of national poetry month and since I worked at one of the best poetry browsing libraries in the whole system today (that is not Central) and since I love the way he uses punctuation for his own inscrutable purposes (damn The Man and his tyranny of grammar!), here's a poem from E. E. Cummings:


but if a living dance upon dead minds
why,it is love;but at the earliest spear
of sun perfectly should disappear
moon's utmost magic,or stones speak or one
name control more incredible splendor than
our merely universe,love's also there:
and being here imprisoned,tortured here
love everywhere exploding maims and blinds
(but surely does not forget,perish,sleep
cannot be photographed,measured,disdains
the trivial labelling of punctual brains...
--Who wields a poem huger than the grave?
from only Whom shall time no refuge keep
though all the weird worlds must be opened?

(that last line should be all the way at the end, so it's "?" above, and then ")Love" below it and to the right, but the HTML to make it so, like so many other things, is eluding me.)
2 comments on "sweetheart/bitterheart"
  1. I can not comment on just one part of this post so I would just like to say that I loved the post completely. That would be from start to finish. The entire thing.

  2. Thank you, BBD! I'm glad you liked it -- I worry sometimes that I sound like an oblique sadsack and who wants to read that?

    I'm going to try to get back into the posting swing of things for May. I'm not sure what happened to April.