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Friday, April 18, 2008

Common Spring Fever is a stealth problem with untold victims. Sufferers may become confused and antsy, believing perhaps that they are losing their marbles/religion/car keys. The fact is, this affliction -- this Vernal Itchiness -- is caused by a combination of weather, allergens, and of course the potent Northern Hemisphere Spring Virus. Wind and blossoms, hail and bird's nests, rainbows and mud, gentle breezes and cutting wind. WTF, April?

Some Symptoms of The Fever:

1) Poor choices: Yesterday I went barelegged to work, even though it was really too cold for no tights. The sun was shining and I had to do it! (maracas dress, which NEVER FAILS to make me laugh aloud at least once when I'm wearing it.)

2) Crazed impulses: I could not settle down long enough to write this blog post until I first put my hair into braids and tied a hand dyed silk ribbon around my neck. I look like a waitress in a theme restaurant. (theme: impaired judgement.) But I did it just in time! knock knock knock. I've found that interactions with door to door do-gooders go a little smoother and more quickly if they think you might be crazy. (this time it was a gentleman named Rogue from the Sierra club who was handily dispatched since I'm already a member and he was looking for someone named Katherine.) I have no real beef with door to door do-gooders; I know it's a thankless job and most of them are trying to DO GOOD, but I have to say I do appreciate the ones who are gracious (like Rogue!) opposed to the ones who call you a "panda killer" if you don't have the time or inclination to sign their petition and agree to donate X dollars per month in perpetuity. (This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. "Maybe tomorrow, hippie," INDEED.)

3) allergies

It's Still National Library Week:

Here are a couple of cool things I found via the library's internal reference blog. I read it when things are slow on the desk. (yesterday was pretty slow, which I'm chalking up to THE FEVER.)

1) Did you know that the New York Public Library now has a page on iTunes where you can subscribe/download some really great material FOR FREE? I love this kind of stuff, and there's even more available on the NYPL website.

2) has a feature on 18 Sexy Trips to the Library Stacks. I have to say that their description of sexy is so broad as to be ridiculous (Philadelphia? really?), but to their credit, they did track down 18 movies that feature libraries in honor of National Library Week, and let's face it: "18 Sexy Trips to the Library Stacks" sounds a lot more catchy than "Hey! We thought of 18 movies that have libraries in them."

List of cool places to keep lists to come sometime this weekend! I've run out of time and want to do give it a little more thought. Happy Passover/Friday/Spring Fever!
5 comments on "it was more of a figurative tomorrow"
  1. The do-gooder door people...BO keeps bothering me to do that while HC just wants a check or credit card number. They have both started to annoy me and I fear that JM will have not such a bad shot at being elected. Curses. I haven't felt the full pull of spring fever yet but I think if I do see snowflakes this weekend that I might just have to throw on my thongs in an act of seasonal rebellion.

  2. neither BO nor HC have been hassling me, and I'm GLAD. I volunteered for some general grassroots democratic thing during the last election. I enjoyed stapling yard signs but HATED being on the phone. Ugh. Frankly, I doubt I'll get involved in that way (if I do at all) until the national election.

    How's your seasonal rebellion going?

  3. I am on an edge of craziness right now that I know will pass but it is new. What happend, thanks for asking? LifeAlert called at 9am. It was not an emergency but the first thing I thought/felt was not good. My mom signed up for the system last week as she lives alone part time and it would be nice for her to feel secure, blah and blah. Another thing that is driving me crazy? BO getting tied to Reverend Wright. Does no one know that the Clinton's went to RW for counsel when the whole world found out that BC was a serious pig? I am just angry. But I love that the weather will be improving

  4. Holy cow, BBD! Is your mom okay? Was it just a test of the system? I hope everything is fine. Good Weather soon!!!

  5. She is fine. It was a misunderstanding with the billing people, trying to reach my aunt, or my mom, but not knowing what number to call...very annoying and, I guess, funny, because as of yesterday everyone is fine.


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