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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Today was the day that I finally started getting some pictures uploaded and organized from my last little trip. It wasn't very long ago, but somehow due to compressions and expansions of time or gravity on the milky way or bad weather or something, seems like it was no less than a thousand years ago. (interesting weather side note: The Blue mountains, where I was a little less than a month ago, just got TEN INCHES OF SNOW! Does that seem right to you? It is freaking JUNE. side note to my side note: if I hear one more person say "junuary" I am going to strangle them with a sweater.)

Today was also a day for some sewing! I sewed up a pattern for a top that I've not made before. There are some fit issues, but nothing to have a scissor throwing tantrum about. I think I will only have to take out about six inches of stitching and adjust the thing and all will be well. I love the fabric -- it's a rayon I've had forever that I think is best described as a mod arctic zebra design. My plan is to get it adjusted and finished tomorrow. I think this will be a good pattern to work with over and over once I make the necessary tweaks. Woo hoo!

To celebrate having some pictures where I can get to them, here are a couple of my favorite signs from the first two days of our trip. I'll do them in chronological order:

yes, let's

First up, the side of the old theater in Toppenish, Washington, a town which is apparently well known for its murals. (most of them are very lurid and feature BEAR ATTACKS. Okay, at least one does, and I think the bear was probably just misunderstood.) But anyway -- it is very fun to come up with photos to collect on trips like these. My mom got us hooked on county courthouses (it's a great excuse to drive around town); I find carnegie libraries are also a good thing to hunt for since many of these small wild west towns have them; heritage trees are on my shortlist of things to look for next time -- but this picture is from my slowly growing old movie theater collection. (note that the windows on the front of the building are also painted on!)

bookstore cowgirl

Here's a bookstore cowgirl from Ellensburg, Washington. (Ellensburg was entirely delightful.) I think she looks like Jane Russell, except blonde. (Maybe it's Jane Russell playing her own evil twin/country cousin!) Anyway, cheeky lasso cowgirls are not uncommon on signs in central Washington.

it's never too late

This was from a drive-through in Wenatchee, Washington. More on beautiful Wenatchee in a later entry (I will tell you now that it is the Apple Capital of the World). I saw this sign the night before during a wrong turn to Dairy Queen -- but how can it be wrong if we ended up with ice cream AND this sign? My traveling companions were kind enough to go back the next day so we could take pictures. I know some of the letters are falling off and there's an apostrophe missing, but as the sign says in fiction or in life, it's never too late to revise. All I can tell you is that seeing this sign made me very happy on top of my already good mood. It's never too late!
5 comments on "it's never too late to revise"
  1. I love the photos! I meant to say that sooner. Life is busy. But I had to say it now. I hope you get to enjoy the sun...

  2. Thank you, BBD! I like hearing from you sooner or later but especially now.

    I am enjoying the sun THIS VERY SECOND and hope that you are doing the same.

  3. I did get out for a bit of a walk this afternoon. It was quite lovely and who knew that NE 28th between Burnside and Flanders had so many cute little shops? I sure didn't.

  4. tell me of these shops. I'm trying to figure out what's over there and am coming up blank. Except for a couple of restaurants, and I've probably even got the wrong location for those.

    I'm glad you got some sun. I got lots today -- I'm so fearful it will be GONE for months and months again. (I swear, I'm superstitious like a caveman.)

  5. A cute little home shop, kids stuff shop, a card shop and some restaurants. Maybe it was the active people being all out and active that sold me, I don't know. It just felt nice over there.


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