the lepidopterous lift

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
The most amazing thing just happened. I was walking along at the park (like I do) listening to my ipod and looking around (as one does) and the song RR vs. D by Au came on. Hooray! I thought, because that's what I always think when it comes on -- but it got even better. I was just coming out of a shady section and into the sunny meadowy part of the park (the sun is shining!) and I spotted the first swallowtail butterfly I have seen this season! They're late because it's been so cold. Anyway, it fluttered around and glinted in the sun in perfect expression of lepidopteran JOY, which filled me with HUMAN JOY, and then there were TWO MORE!! It was so beautiful I got goosbumps all the way down to my feet.

Now I have to go get ready for work -- I'm going to a branch where I will be checking out manga to pre-teens until my arms fall off, which is always fun and I'm not even kidding when I say that.

I was looking for a youtube video so if you're unfamiliar with the song you could hear it easily, but I can't find one! Do not despair, here's a link to a stream where you can hear it yourself. It does sound sort of like a butterfly circus song. oooh! it looks like emusic's got the whole album. excellent.
2 comments on "the lepidopterous lift"
  1. We had a butterfly moment a couple weeks ago. I was rushing to get some cheapy plants in the earth before a long trip, and no sooner got one of the dahlias in the ground than a yellow swallowtail landed on it. It spent a good long while there, since the plant had many blossoms. Ignorant beast that I am, I didn't know that they liked dahlias. (Came back from long trip and the blossoms are all gone--no more swallowtails, of course.)

  2. just get anything with blooms on it and they'll be back. Did you know that the Swallowtail is the Oregon state butterfly? they hang around well into the summer. (into butterfly bush season!)


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