june: a little less conversation, a little more action please

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Sunday, June 01, 2008
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I am back from the wilds of middle Washington! We did so much in such a short amount of time -- it feels like I was gone a week rather than three days, which is simultaneously really fun and kinda weird. More on that soon. Fun and weird seems like the right way to launch June and the summer as a whole. I love summer! My new plan (I know!) is to actually DO some of the stuff I've been stewing about for months. (see earlier post about my Deliberation Gestation Period, which can be lengthy and tedious.)

To get things off on the right foot, I decided today was a great day to sit my butt down and sew instead of talking about sewing. I finished (and am wearing right now) the frankensteined top I started last year. Preliminary Verdict: kind of lumpy, but in places that would only be noticeable if I happened to be swinging a fish over my head. (which is unlikely! and if I'm swinging a fish over my head and someone's making remarks about lumpy seams in the underarm ease... well, I think they may end up with fish in their hair at the very least.) Verdict: ADORABLE! also, I look really good in this color.

After that, I started work on a dress that I've been thinking about for months. I picked up the pattern ages ago when I saw it made up in the fabric store -- they had it done in a crinkle taffeta, which is great for... I'm not sure what. Appearing onstage as the main suspect in mystery dinner theater? Anyway, I'm trying the pattern out in a really lightweight cotton -- it's not quite a lawn, but is significantly lighter than a regular broadcloth. fun but not fancy! If it works out, maybe I'll make a fun AND fancy one.

other plans for june:

picnics: I think a minimum of two should satisfy my current picnic cravings. I reserve the right to delay this to a later month if the weather stays rainy and in the 60's. Or I will drive 200 miles east and have a picnic there.

garden: it is a monstrous jungle right now, and it would appear I have developed a magic bean problem over the long weekend. (I blame the rassenfrassen squirrels.) I want to move the herb garden and clear the pathways of the "ornamental grass," which is just regular grass run amok. Will fight/bargain with giants as necessary. (maybe they are gentle giants who will climb down the beanstalk at night and pull grass while I sleep! What? I'm a dreamer, baby.)

out of town: As much as I love the three day car vacation (which is A LOT), I find that my feet are getting pretty itchy and going further afield seems like the only thing that will stop the itch. This is quite possibly the worst possible time in the modern era to want to travel, but what can I do? When the feet itch, they itch!

spending gift certificates: They're like free money! I have a couple for fun things that I have yet to cash in. It's happening in June. Mwahahaha!

dresser makeover: a few years ago I got bored with my dresser and painted it in what might charitably be called a "Distressed Circus" theme. It's distressing alright, so it's got to go! I think I'm going to paint it glossy black, but who knows what will happen when I'm standing in front of it with a paintbrush in my hand. (I'm praying "neon circus" doesn't suddenly start to sound appealing...)

blog: I really REALLY hope that this right here is the last mention (at least for a while) of "things I want to write about" -- my astonishing plan is to instead simply write about them.
4 comments on "june: a little less conversation, a little more action please"
  1. June feels promising, I just wish the weather would change already. Maybe once the scum center moves away from the waterfront?

  2. I know!! If it rains one more day, I'm going to have a fit. I also learned on my vacation that all the rivers are full, the dams are full, all of the places they usually divert extra water are full, and the snow hasn't melted yet in Canada. Flood conditions are prime. So it's not just you and me being whiny and wishing for the sun, there's more at stake! (although I would wish for it to be sunny even if any or all of those conditions didn't exist.)

  3. So sad to hear about all the full rivers and such but I don't care about any of that! I am so much happier, nicer, alive, etc when the fire ball is in the sky! I want my sunshine!

  4. I know! I feel like a caveman. I'm ready to do a sun dance or whatever might be necessary to bring The Orb/ The Fire Ball/ (the SUN) back.


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