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Thursday, June 05, 2008

I know this video by the Headlights has tulips in it (in the TITLE, even), and yeah, you're right -- tulips don't bloom in summer, but it puts me in a summertime mood nevertheless! (if you squint your eyes you could pretend they are roses, or even better -- bird of paradise! squint harder! ooh, perhaps a rare summer-blooming tulip.) What makes it summery to me? Maybe it's the hula arms, the paillette dress, the guitar that slides all around, the accordion, or even the tambourine that turns my mind to kinder weather. (definitely the tambourine! I can't be the only person who sleeps with a tambourine under my pillow during the 4 warmest months of the year, can I? CAN I???) At any rate, it makes me smile. I'm hoping it acts as some sort of solar attractor -- a summer alert, like the bat signal for the sun. (what? those paillettes are very sparkly.) I don't know how many more days of rain I can take without cracking up completely. (video via idolator via fluxtumblr.)
2 comments on "summer invocation"
  1. Jen! COME VISIT ME! I have an inflatable spare bed that is all yours! Stay a week! I am totally serious. Come on by!

    Soak up all the sun so there's less for me!

    I got sunburned driving for one hour on Saturday. Driving in the car! Going directly south at noon, when the sun, one would think, would be overhead. In an SUV, not some kind of sports car with the top down, either.

    Too. Much. Sun!

    (I'm serious about the visit, too.)

  2. I have totally ALREADY PACKED my sunglasses! (okay, I haven't, but I could!! it would be so fun!)

    today rained and rained and rained, the highlight was when I could see about a pillow-sized piece of blue sky in the gloom. WAH! the sun will shine... eventually. or so they say.


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