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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The MOON is very full and low and yellow and looking in my window. It has a slightly smaller shadow moon just to the right of it, which I believe is because I'm looking through a double pane and not because of random hallucinations or an actual new moon that nobody has thought to mention until now. (I hope they let me name it!) They are up to no good, those two moons, but they are being so charming I'm not going to fuss about it. (Astronomers rejoice! No fussing from pdx this night.)

danger! Today I read the neighborhood newsletter thing that gets left on the doorstep and learned there is a neighborhood COYOTE! (at least one!) This is crazy! Portland strikes me as the antithesis of coyote country, yet apparently they are drawn to green spots within the city and p.s. look out for your cats. Coyotes! They belong in deserts with roadrunners, right? Martina, Bec and I saw one on our road trip (OUT IN THE DESERT) and thought it was so cool -- little did I know that all I needed to do was look out my window. If the coyote is in cahoots with the moon(s) there is no hope for any of us. Somehow it seems like the cats have read this news and are now pressing their advantage. "you can't throw me out, I will be eaten by a coyote! please cater to my every whim this instant."

best signature: I was issuing a library card to a girl of about eight earlier this week. She insisted on filling out the form herself (much to her in-a-hurry mother's annoyance) and also insisted on signing her name Chloe Heart Smiley Heart (except they were drawn hearts and smileys. so chloe <3 :) <3), more or less.) Her mom had a fit and told her she had to write HER NAME, but chloe heart smiley heart was having none of it. "This," she said with a flourish, "is my signature!" (her mom made her do it again -- I think they're going to be having a great time together by the time chloe heart smiley heart is 14.)

This post was brought to you by the full moon(s), a coyote with a reputation, a fussy orange cat and the Society for Individual Signature Promotion. (I would totally sign my name "Jennifer @#$%!" except it would take too long.)
8 comments on "two moon coyote"
  1. I love children that have that lovely streak of independence and I especially love that my love is strictly theorectical. The moon was so perfect! At first I wasn't sure what I was seeing but then KABAM!!! It was the mooniest moon of all time. As far as coyotes go, my cousin that lives down near Reno has them around once in awhile, cats go missing, etc. But she calls them, how to write this, without the it sounds like kiyoats, or kiyotes. Something like that. English is a puzzling language and it's the only one I am able to stumble through. Sad. But I love this weather and I still hate allergies but it is a trade off that I am willing to make. Mostly because I have no choice, but I think if I had to suffer something to get the sun I would choose the allergies.

  2. it was the mooniest moon of all time, and I'm sure chloe heart smiley heart would agree with us! especially if it pissed off her mother!!

    Ugh! allergies! but double yay to the sun. I agree -- it's worth it. But I shouldn't then have allergies when it's winter outside. Mother nature is not playing fair. and on top of that dropping kiyotes into the picture...

  3. I am very big happy that summer is, I think/hope/plead with all, finally here with us. I needed that big fireball of joy very much!

  4. In all fairness to the coyotes, we have invaded their territory, first, which forces them to look further afield.

    Love the moon picture. Is that the cover of a book? I would be drawn to it, just for the cover, if so.

  5. bbd: I am with you about the fireball of joy! All praise its name!

    patty: I don't think I'm being unfair to coyotes -- I was just surprised they were in my neighborhood. there are a lot more missing cat posters around. coincidence?

    The moon picture is the poster from Georges Melies famous Voyage to the Moon movie -- check it out:

  6. About the missing cats...when I moved into my neighborhood someone told me that the cats on the posters were being abducted to be sold for vivisection. Ak. I don't know which fate would be worse. But it is true that the coyotes take cats and even small dogs--also attack people.

    I will check out that link!

  7. I neglected to mention that I adore the story about Chloe heart smiley heart.

    I did watch the 1902 movie, all the while wondering (giggle) why my speakers weren't working--duh! It was so funny. The bathing beauty costumes of the gals pushing the capsule into the barrel must have been racy for the time. I laughed so much watching that video. Of course, the things I find hilarious might puzzle some people. Watching the video I realise, from my recent trip, that travel hasn't changed that much. The image of the moon with the bullet in its eye is pretty famous, right?

  8. Yeah, I think that image is famous because of that film... he was one of the early pioneers and such a fantasist! He had "underwater" movies, too.

    There was piano music that played over it on that link -- did you hear that? No dialogue, though. And you're totally right about travel not changing much in the intervening years! hee hee hee.


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