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Monday, June 30, 2008
I was uploading pictures on flickr, and figured out why I didn't get any blog posts made last week. Allow me to illustrate my week in review:

FRIDAY: Strawberry picking on Sauvie Island -- Leslie was the mastermind behind this endeavor; she had already investigated and picked out Kruger Farms, which is a no-spray farm. Or at least they have no-spray strawberries. This was considered kind of early, but as you can see, we found plenty of ripe berries. I know I've said this before, but the drive out to Sauvie Island is so beautiful -- and it's only about 20 minutes outside of Portland. (I know local berries from wherever are delicious, but Oregon berries are really, really good. really good! I believe that they are extra-delicious.)

strawberry picking on Sauvie Island
Friday afternoon about 4PM with fellow u-pickers.

strawberry picking on Sauvie Island
Look how huge! I thought some of these looked very much like the Sacred Heart of Roman Catholic and Retro Tattoo iconography.

strawberry picking on Sauvie Island
There was some worry that because we were so early, they wouldn't be sweet and they wouldn't be quite ripe yet. These worries (like so many) were completely baseless! We should go out again before they're all gone...

SATURDAY: Roller Derby!! It was cowboy theme night, or dress like you're in a rodeo or something. I didn't dress up (there is a cowgirl VOID in my wardrobe), but there were plenty of people who did -- although most seemed to think that a bandana around the bottom half of their face (in bank-robber fashion) was sufficient. Where was the rodeo queen lame, I ask you?? There were some fantastic costumes, so I will stop complaining. Bec found a 20 in the parking lot (vacation bonus!). The Breakneck Betties and the Heartless Heathers won. Fun all around! I will mention again the wonderful crowd watching at roller derby -- it's like a core sample of the city, which is really interesting in a lot of ways.

SUNDAY: work. I complain about the "tyranny of the 15 limit hold list" and was told (with no rancor) by a coworker that I "sound just like a patron." But I AM a patron! and that limit is... limiting! I have to admit that it's probably PERFECTLY REASONABLE, and getting everything I want just when I want it would probably get boring pretty quick. Or so I tell myself.

beach mosaic
MONDAY/TUESDAY: Beach with my sister! She was on vacation this week and I shamelessly tagged along with her beach trip. I decided to make a mosaic rather than subject you to eleven hundred individual photos. The weather was VERY FINE, my book was FANTASTIC -- it was just about perfect as far as low-key "I just want to read and take naps, but in the sun at the beach" trips go.

WEDNESDAY: Work. People are staying closer to home this summer, which means we have a ton more holds to process and volume is generally higher. Audio books are a hot item for people doing car traveling.

THURSDAY: crafty night! Spend the day "cleaning" which is mostly dreading cleaning for no real reason followed by furious bouts of activity and lots of breaks. When actual crafty time rolls around, I sew patches on my vintage quilt. I'm almost done! But I still have to cut off the old binding, and so on.

FRIDAY: go to Silver Lake Falls with my sister. Forgot my camera and wore flip flops, which as we all know are great for hiking around!! It was still lovely, but I have to go back with a camera. We took a couple of the shorter paved hikes (if it's okay for wheelchairs, it's okay for flip flops) and then found a picnic above the falls where we fielded many questions about whether it was okay to swim there. (personally, I wouldn't get into the fast moving water right above the very tall waterfall, but people just don't listen, you know?)

SATURDAY: work. How many Clive Cussler novels can one old man carry on a very hot day? It's like guessing how many jellybeans in a jar!! It's more than you think.

SUNDAY: Movie and a migraine!! And then thunder and lightning, which helped to explain the migraine. (I am at the mercy of the barometer -- it's not that cloudy weather always hurts, or that sunny weather or any kind of weather is always bad -- it's just the transitions that are the sinus-squeezing bitch.)

All in all, it was a great week and a great way to close out the month of June!
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  1. those strawberries were so wonderful! I went with Susie last weekend and it took us FOUR hours to pick the same volume since the berries were so much smaller (they are just as delicious however!). We must go again soon for raspberries/blueberries/marionberries etc etc etc!

  2. YES! We must go again soon!! I can't believe it took you four hours. We must have hit it really lucky that day!


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