baby, it's cold outside

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Monday, December 15, 2008
frozen puddle

I think I title a blog post this every time it is cold, but I don't care because baby, it IS cold outside. It's true!! It's not just wah wah temperate winter town two snowflakes whining like usual, it's really freakin' cold!

Winter here is not about snow shovels and sustained cold temperatures, it's about the occasional freak ice storm and a large variety of winter raindrops: small, sharp and sideways, fat and cold, and the invisible frozen mist (this is the kind where you don't think it's raining but get wet nevertheless). Large scale sustained cold is not the norm. (sustained damp? yes.) This is the coldest stretch we've had (or will have, when it's done) in over thirty years. For now it's a novelty -- anyone I saw out wandering around this afternoon of closed schools and telecommuting was clearly on An Adventure. Next phase is probably Brave Little Toaster, followed by Complete Epic Cabin Fever Breakdown which will spread like zombies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Good times!

But now I must hurry up and go to sleep. I had a wicked migraine most of Sunday and was fighting off residuals today with a lot (a lot!) of caffeine. I got a lot done, but only to the messy disaster stage that every one of my projects gets to before the it may not be finished, but I'm done with it stage. I have one hundred million things to do, but I'm actually looking forward to most of them! Woo hoo! But sleep first.

frozen ferns
(I love how the green looks in this light! the snow changes everything.)
2 comments on "baby, it's cold outside"
  1. Sorry about your migraine! BAH!
    I'm enjoying the cabin fever thing so far, but I've also been able to go to the office. I know from experience that two days of telecommuting is my limit before I go nutso.

  2. Yeah, it's been the perfect combo of bad enough to be unusual, but not terribly dangerous. Plus, I think the week of lead-up time has let people get used to things like... CHAINS, and frozen things falling from the sky!!!

    I hope you're enjoying the snow we got today!


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