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Saturday, December 13, 2008
pink mosaic

I have been having the wiggiest week I've had in a while. Everything is harder than it should be -- not that I expect to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but I should, for example, be able to charge my camera battery with minimal drama. [epic examples of camera drama and existential purpose of life drama redacted. I'm going to write instead about pink hats and my paranoid suspicions about the abnormally full moon.]

I think this general unease is probably because of the GIANT FULL MOON which I saw last night (lookin' good, moon!) but can't see tonight due to the weather. (There's a massive bank of clouds that wants to snow, but since it's not cold enough it's just raining that heavy, fat-bottomed rain where every drop looks like a cartoon tear -- SO COLD but not quite cold enough to be the giant fluffy snowflake it wishes to be. I feel your pain, rain! let's write poems together.) But I digress... what's with the attitude, giant space rock? Is it because I happened to mention in passing that 23% waxing crescent is currently my favorite moonphase? (I leave room for a change of mind or change of heart or change of whichever spirit or organ determines these things). My theory is that the giant, MENACING THE EARTH WITH ITS NEARNESS 100% full moon was close enough to hear me (don't be fooled by the daylight people -- you can't see it, but it can see you) and decided that in place of my usual spoon-shaped temperament (rounded and practical), it would put a serrated paring knife-shaped temperament (short and sharp). (Does the moon often get involved in temperament replacement? I was going to say no, but I think it slots in under "lunatic tendencies" and is therefore a reasonable guess.) Fortunately, that jagged draggy feeling is starting to go away.

Now about that hat. Thursday night I went to IKEA with my sister to get the part for the thing. (can you crack my holiday code?) As I was leaving the fabric department* a little girl sang out across the aisle "I like your hat!" (hot pink wool cloche, awesome if I do say so myself.) I spotted her and saw that she was ALSO wearing a pink hat -- hers was knit with a rolled brim. I told her I liked her hat, too. She said "thanks. they're almost the same!" At first I thought she was making some kind of "ha ha! I like your hat which is identical to mine -- good taste, total stranger" joke, but she was only about six or seven and it seems that she really did like my hat and was pleased that I liked hers too. (and I did. don't lie to kids -- they can smell bullshit from 1000 miles and will make you pay.)

*(foiled once again! why did I have to fall in love with the one fabric they are always out of? WHY? or is this why I love it? If a bolt of it unexpectedly arrived on my doorstep would I be unspeakably happy or somewhat disappointed? "I thought you'd be bluer.")

(I promise, PROMISE, that I will have some posts soon that do not relate to me either talking to myself or receiving insults or instruction from inanimate objects. It has been a weird couple of months.)
4 comments on "nice hat!"
  1. "I have been having the wiggiest week I've had in a while" made me hope to hear of your adventures wearing a different wig almost every day this week. Sorry you meant the other kind of wiggy. At least my spirits were again raised by the pink hat. Headgear always makes me feel better!

  2. Aw, man! I wish I'd thought of a different wig almost every day -- it probably would have solved my other problem AND it would make me laugh all the time. I'm writing this down...

  3. I LIKE your wiggy posts about talking to yourself or receiving insults/instruction from inanimate objects

  4. YAY! because I don't think I can stop. (I have tried!)


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