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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
hot foot

Exciting New Year's Eve News: I had a tremendously successful afternoon of running errands! (running errands sounds so domestic and housewifey or househusbandy, which is just weird. Housewifey/husbandy, or associate pastory. Why is that? it should sound more exciting, what with the RUNNING and the potential for ERROR built right in.)

I will try to get at least one more post in (after this one) before the new year arrives -- one that is a bit more reflective (COVERED WITH REFLECTORS) of the year now ending, but I was way bummed to notice I'd only managed ten posts all month, and thought this pink boot picture was worthy of ERRAND RUNNING REPORTAGE.

(while I am here and talking about rubber shoes, what is up with crocs on adults? They're fantastically ugly and they're DANGEROUS. I can, of course, due to my magnanimous nature, allow that everyone has their own footwear aesthetic. I like flip flops and chuck taylors, which is no doubt horrifying to some. Personally, I think crocs look cute on kids under 5, not ridiculous on kids under 12, and that's where it should end. At 13 you should turn in your crocs and get a certificate or something. BUT NO. Croc devotees will tell you that it's the only thing that fits their feet, that it's the only thing that gets them through their long shift at the hospital, that it's so great to have a shoe they can simply hose off (!), that it's none of my goddamned business what they wear below their ankles, etc. the usual, and so on. All of which is probably true, but they really are dangerous -- crocs broke my friend's shoulder! Beware the croc! and shoddy croc-alikes!)

(now I have to post again tonight because I cannot leave the year on a shoe screed.)
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