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Saturday, December 20, 2008
It snowed like crazy today! All day! It's almost midnight, but still really bright out because of the white. (the sky is currently a beautiful pinky-mauve nighttime snow sky.) The novelty hasn't worn off for me yet -- it's all very winter wonderland-ish. I managed to get out and take a walk and some pictures earlier today, but flickr is not cooperating so none of those tonight. I expect I'll have plenty of time tomorrow as the less delightful freezing rain is supposed to start and I don't like being out in that unless absolutely necessary.

For now I'll say that I have been having a surprisingly peaceful week. Things have been upside down, compressed and nerve-jangly (weather, work, deadlines, etc.); I've fretted over a lot of dumb stuff, but almost everything I worried about turned out better than fine AND I rediscovered the joy of jaywalking. I vow to never cross at the corner again! (unless I feel like it.) Take that, johnny law! I will or I won't and you can't make me say otherwise.

Plus, and I know this sounds hopelessly sentimental (blame it on the season, the snow, the bossa nova), but sometimes people are just wonderful. Not even fancy stuff (although sometimes!), but more an accumulation of everyday kindnesses. It makes my heart feel stretchy like gumby instead of sharp like a wind-up robot. (plastic dinosaur? matchbox car?)

okay -- more soon and I mean it for real. I still plan to write up something on wordstock -- I loved it this year! and now that it's been over a month, I feel free to fabricate wildly to fill in what I cannot recall.

Now I'm going to go get under a lot of covers and read a book I've been wanting to read for a long time. (I love this snow!)
4 comments on "unrepentant sentimental jaywalker"
  1. I had almost forgotten about Wordstock! That is so weird! This weather is okay but being locked in the house is now starting to drive me bonkier than normal!

  2. I KNOW! I've been meaning to write about it for about 3 weeks, and it was in the front of my mind -- but the snow drove it away. I remembered the other day and thought "dude. I better get on that before NEXT YEAR'S wordstock."

    Locked in the house is making me crazy, but I've been trying to mitigate that by taking snow walks. It's not quite the same as total freedom, but it's an escape, at least.

    I hope you have lots of books to read! (p.s. they are backdating stuff at the lib. so don't worry if you've not been able to bring books back in time.)

  3. I am hoping that the book they are holding for me is still there, even though it was supposed to be picked up by yesterday...

  4. if it's not (and it probably won't be because there isn't enough room) -- tell them at the desk and they'll put you to the top of the list to get it again.

    how are you holding up in the SNOWPOCALYPSE? I just went to the store! it was so exciting.


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