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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
winter afternoon

This picture was taken a week ago. I thought it looked sort of like an ice cream sandwich, if you substitute blue sky for ice cream. (the trees are not any part of my atmospheric ice cream dessert -- they're just trees, which is enough.)

Tonight, for reasons I can't explain, I read my journal from January of this year. I'm pleased to say that I feel 32% less crazy right now than I did then! (probably more than that, but let's not get carried away.) I'm less sad and more ... I don't know. Hopeful, maybe. I feel less stuck somehow, which is huge. Of course journal entries only tell part of a story (usually the crazy part), but I was glad to discover that I could read them and not get caught up in being embarrassed or upset or whatever all over again. Mostly I thought that if Right Now Me could tell January Me anything, it would be to keep it up, things will get better, ditch that mopey playlist, maybe write about something good that happens every now and again, and p.s. don't start slacking off on your walking or you will be regretting it in December.

I wonder what November of Next Year me would tell Right Now Me? I hope it's something like: you'd better rest up and take your vitamins because 2009 is full of good things and you won't want to miss them.

(Hey! Imagined NoNY Me is totally boring with the generic grandma platitudes. What's next? Don't forget to floss?? How about: don't forget to take a fencing class because you're really going to need it during the CowboyRobotZombiePirate crisis of early May! yeah! how about some more specific advice, INoNY Me?? Beware the following: thermostats, laudanum, purple flip-flops, traveling monorail salesmen, novels about shopping, clove gum AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. )

RN Me: umm. oookay.

INoNY Me: embrace the following: spontaneous travel, invitations, red shoes and pink socks, the spirit of generosity and forgiveness, reading more, writing more, the enigma of everyday life.

RN Me: no lottery numbers?

INoNY Me: No. The lottery has been replaced by a form of Obama-sanctioned unicorn wagering that you cannot possibly understand until after June of 09.
4 comments on "sanctioned unicorn wagering"
  1. >>Beware the following: thermostats, laudanum, purple flip-flops, traveling monorail salesmen, novels about shopping, clove gum AND MUCH, MUCH MORE.<<

    What about unguents? Where does NONYY stand on unguents? Oh, and what about wigs?

  2. I will have to summon her back! (there are incantations and stuff.) But I suspect, extrapolating from RN Me, that the answer is the following:

    Unguents: a cautionary yes
    Wigs: hell yes

  3. unicorn wagering?

    Is that anything like a fantasy version of betting on the Kentucky Derby?


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