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Monday, December 08, 2008
I am almost done designing my christmas cards! Although designing sounds a little arty farty for what is mostly a trial and error mixture of grim panic (this will never work!) and gleeful relief (I will glue something over it!). I only have a couple more days to get it all figured out so I can get them in the mail for reasonably timely arrival (i.e. before 2009), but I think it's within the realm of the possible. Hooray!

Speaking of paper, a few weeks ago at work I was checking in returned materials from the book drop and came across these two paper-centric CD covers within 5 minutes of each other. Different patrons, too!

first up is T.I.'s Paper Trail. This is so well done! I LOVE how this collage portrait is made up of manilla envelopes, graph paper, security envelopes, ledger paper -- all humble materials available to anyone who recycles their junk mail or knows someone who works in an office that recycles paper.

Next is the Caesars' Paper Tiger. Paper guitars! paper drums! paper bow ties! I love how this looks like someone had it all planned out, maybe on a little paper bandstand, and then the cat walked on the table and mixed it all up. Sometimes mixed up is better.

SPEAKING OF TIGERS... I now bring you a moment of "wait? the hungry WHAT? he wants to eat WHAT? in a CHILDREN'S BOOK???" I'm speaking, of course, of the Hungry Tiger of Oz. He doesn't actually eat any babies, but he's always at war with himself. He's a slave to his appetite and manages to keep it in check, but unlike some fictional would-be villains, it's a real struggle. Hungry Tiger quote of the day: "I don't believe fat babies taste like gumdrops. I'm quite sure they have the flavor of raspberry tarts. My, how hungry I am for fat babies!"
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