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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
sun going down

photo from a roadtrip I took in 2005 with Martina. this is somewhere in eastern oregon. Actually, middle oregon. Middle-eastern oregon. Wherever it was, it was WAY PRETTY. and in oregon. and about this time of year, so it's not completely random.

I have a bunch of photos to upload and a bunch of books to write up and lists and whatnot, but I the sun has been shining and I have been outside planting things and watering things and pretending like I don't see the cats when they hide in the jupiter's beard to surprise me.

echo memorial cemetery

here's a pretty little cemetery gate from the same trip. Looking at it now, I notice the fragment of the sign to the right -- a found poem of dubious quality: open/ NO plan/ Bushes/ of sex/ NO glass.

I mean, what's going on up there? (up there, because the Echo cemetery is on a hill overlooking the town, which is small but picturesque.) Sounds like you don't want to stand too close to the bushes unless you're prepared, which goes against NO PLAN. It gets more confusing the longer I think about it, so maybe it's time to go to sleep. It's very possible I was outside too long today without a hat.
2 comments on "from somewhere a while ago"
  1. Wow! That top photo looks like and/ or would make an exquisite landscape painting.

  2. Thanks! It's beautiful out that way. Have you been through John Day and environs? I think you'd love it! this, if I recall correctly, was just leading into the painted hills. Or on the outskirts or something. BEAUTIFUL!


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