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Monday, May 03, 2010
your well wisher
HELLO AGAIN! I feel like I’m sending messages from a telegraph office in the middle of the ocean. (I’m not sure what that means, except maybe it takes a long time and there’s a blooping underwater sonar noise, because my telegraph office in the middle of the ocean definitely utilizes a submarine.)

ANYWAY - that is about to change in the merry month of May! I've got this idea that May is the month in 2010 where my actions keep up with my good intentions, blog-wise. We shall see. (don't worry, it's not like I'm going to sell my imaginary submarine or anything - I will just be sending more frequent telegrams, perhaps from somewhere closer than the middle of the ocean.)

(I had to retype the word Merry about 15 times - I went to school with a girl named Merry back in the olden days and I always want to capitalize it.)

(I just deleted a long story about pre-internet fan fiction reverse fan letters that Merry and I used to write about our favorite bands. I will type it again one day! There’s so much to set up I don’t think I could do it justice tonight.)
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