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Thursday, May 27, 2010
where does it go?
I know I said I would post these yesterday but I was tired from hauling books around - when I got home I pretty much fell asleep on the couch while watching tv. ANYWAY. Here we are now, standing on a bridge over fast moving water. I love how the river just ends right there with a horizontal line in this photo. The earth is flat and here is the edge!

waterfall edge
What's going on from the side - it was so loud. Silver Falls park has something like 7 waterfalls, but I think this one might be the biggest. (I really don't know. It's the biggest one I've seen there, let's say.)

Sometimes it's best to obey the signs. The steep, slippery, rocky cliffside was enough of a warning for me but I could tell by the muddy bootprints on the other side of the fence that even a sign is not enough of a warning for some.

silver falls
So beautiful! I swear, you can't turn a corner in this state without some staggering natural beauty appearing. (or hiding, depending on the cloud/fog situation. I try not to take it personally.)

silver falls
There's a cave behind the falls that you can apparently see better when you hike the trail (that goes behind the falls). It was way too muddy/slippery to do on this day, but I'd like to go back some time this summer/fall and check it out.

green w/ waterfall
This was taken in march when all the green was very delicate and new. I liked how it looked against the fog.

IN OTHER NEWS, Leslie's in Spain! She's taking wonderful pictures and writing things up. Granada loves HAMMER PANTS. I love knowing this about Granada.
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