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Friday, May 14, 2010
I thought I’d post again tonight to END THE SUSPENSE of whether or not I returned diet coke cans for the deposit. (I did!) I also worked in the garden almost all day long and it was perfectly lovely, although now there’s dirt under my fingernails that is resistant to traditional methods of removal.

Still no go on the flickr uploads. Oh, wait! I seriously just figured this out: I think it’s because I’ve not been choosy enough with my uploads in the past and I know I need to do a better job of selection, which makes the whole thing seem like ten times as much work. (because it is!) Well, maybe now that I know what that’s all about I can make myself get over it.

UNRELATEDLY: have I mentioned my new novel-reading method? I don’t start something new unless I have enough time to read 50 pages. This has done WONDERS for getting things read instead of getting a chapter in and putting it down for weeks while I read the first parts from a bunch of other books. I still read more than one thing at a time, but usually it’s a mix of novels, non-fiction (I’ve joined a non-fiction book group at the library), and graphic novels or poetry. Somehow having that little 50 page head start makes it easier to sail through the rest of the book. I got this tip from a book blog (can’t remember which one) - although I think they had the additional advice to only read in 50+ page chunks. I can’t promise that I’ll have enough time to do that, but I have found getting through the first 50 is a huge help.

As for what’s next from my TBR pile… I think I’ll read The Ask by Sam Lipsyte. I picked it up at the newest library branch which has something called the Lucky Day collection. They have a selection of popular (bestseller-type) books for lucking into! they don’t fill holds, they can’t be renewed, and you can only take two out at a time - they’re just there to make your day. I picked this one up while I was at a training. I don’t know that much about it, but it looks like it could be interesting. HOWEVER, I’m so freaking tired from working in the sun/garden all day long, I don’t think I’d make 50 pages tonight, so I think I’ll start the new Fables collection instead. Woo!
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