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Friday, May 21, 2010
LONG STORY SHORT: my car is fixed and it cost less than $100 (just). The battery - which was original to the car - died, but it chose to die in the most convenient way possible: parked on a wide side street not far from where I had to be. Today my mom gave me a ride to my car and let me fiddle around with things for a few minutes then said "it's dead! take it out and we'll go to Les Schwab and get a new one." I rode in the passenger seat with the dirty old battery in my lap, lest it tip over and blow up or do whatever batteries do when they tip over. Les Schwab is awesome and someone came right out to see what we needed before we even got to the door. (I've never had a bad experience there.) The guy tested the battery, declared it so dead that it didn't even give a reading, was amazed that it lasted so long and sold me a new one - all in about 5 minutes. AWESOME! He also told me where the bathrooms were so I could get the grease off my face.

ANYWAY - once again the thing I got all worked up about turned out to have a fairly easy solution, and I got the additional satisfaction of installing my own car battery. (I really do like knowing how to do these things.) Woo!
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  1. My aunt always says that people should know how to repair the things they use the most. She says it, and I think she means it, but she sure hasn't put that idea to much use in her life! What I meant to say was "Woo Hoo" for you! I think more people should be able to help themselves and all of that. Did you ever know that you're my hero(ine)? Wind beneath my wings and all of that! Happy almost June to you

  2. You are sweet to say so, but I would note that "helping myself" required help from others. But it all worked out and I didn't have to deal with a tow truck, which makes me glad. (they freak me out! I don't know why.)

    Happy almost June to you, too!

  3. I know you had help along the way, but the part that impressed me in a different way was the battery installation that you did!
    I have heard good things about Les Schwab before and I am glad that they turned out to be accurate. June is almost here! Just another 2 or 3 weeks of rain and we should have some sunshine!


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