cardamom explosions and technicalities

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Thursday, March 24, 2011
SO. I met with my boss today and found out the reason, or "reason" my application bounced out on the first round. I won't get into it but to say that it was a letter of the law technicality, which makes it at once better and worse. Better, because the reason isn't that I'm terrible person; worse, because SERIOUSLY? I'm going to take a little time and think it over.

In other news, I got cardamom all over my jeans and shirt yesterday. I was so mad - the spice cupboard is overfull and I couldn't find the everloving turmeric. (It's highly likely that I was also hungry shading to hangry.)  I was moving jars around and the cardamom came sailing out, hit the counter upside down, the lid cracked and there was a powdered explosion all over my dressed to leave self. I managed to get most of it back into the now broken-lidded jar and got most of it out of my clothes - they still smell a little cardamomy, but it could be worse! We won at trivia, so maybe cardamom dust is a lucky thing. If you'd like a potentially lucky yet occasionally enraging overfull spice cupboard of your very own, I recommend looking into Penzeys - their stuff is so good! And they just opened a new location downtown, so check it out downtown people! (They also have mail order if you don't have a location nearby.  Everything is so fresh!)

VIDEO BREAK: I came across this video at Pitchfork TV. I love the wildly enthusiastic and sweetly feral kids at the beginning, I love the cardboard forest, I love tUnE-yArDs and I super double love everybody's face paint. How about for random weeks throughout the year, everyone abandons traditional cosmetics in favor of full on face paint? You don't have to say yes or no right now, but think about it. It would be awesome, right? Right! (I'm embedding the video below, but have no idea if it will show up. Click the link above if you don't see it below.)

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  1. Weren't technicalities made to be broken?