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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
crown point sunset
(I go back and forth on whether or not I think roadtrip should be one word or two. I think I like it all in one word best, but it always gets flagged by spellcheck.)

ROAD TRIP! It's that time of year. This last weekend my sister and I swept  Martina away on a Mystery Road Trip for her birthday. GOOD TIMES! We made her ride in the trunk with a blindfold so it would be truly mysterious. (no we didn't.) We went down to Silver Falls and hiked behind a waterfall without dying! It was super fun! I've got a lot of pictures but they're still not uploaded because I've been scurrying around prepping for Road Trip 2: California.  (who am I kidding? they wouldn't have been uploaded yet anyway.)

Wooo! I'm going with my mom who decided a little bit ago (after a planned drive to Alabama fell through), that she was going to go to California to see the wildflowers in the Sierra before they're done blooming. I'm going with her because I, too, would like to see the wildflowers in the Sierra before they're done blooming and it seems like a way to get out of town and celebrate the good parts of working on-call (impromptu vacations!). Road trips always help me sort out my thinking on tangled subjects, so I'm looking forward to that as well.  At this point, we're thinking of stopping in Ashland, Redding (to see the sundial bridge), then down to Fresno where we'll spend some hopefully sunny days, then down and over to Arizona and the Hoover Dam (we're nerds), then blah blah blah back home. It should be fun! We leave early Thursday morning.

More to come - I just finished reading a short story collection that knocked me flat I loved it so much. I think part of it is related to growing up in Florida, but more on that soon.

(side note:  blogger has made a ton of improvements and I just noticed that there's a way to remove stealthy formatting, which is AWESOME since I was making myself crazy trying to do it myself on stuff I copy pasted from another program. wooooo!) (note: you can probably remove all sorts of formatting, not just stealthy formatting.)
2 comments on "road trips on my mind"
  1. Oh boy, road trip! Roadtrip! Awesome either way! I absolutely love road trips and might have to join you at least spiritually, or drive out to the coast or something. Very good for getting out of the mental rut!


  2. Yes! Please do!

    I totally agree on mental ruts and road trip cure - I keep thinking of the B-52s Own Private Idaho - "you've got to get out/ get out of the state you're in!"


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