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Monday, March 21, 2011
I'm gonna change my name to EQUINOX SUPERMOON.  Or maybe that can be my superhero name - I don't know what powers would come with a name like that... maybe the ability to make day and night the same length? To make the moon appear bigger? The ability to have THE COOLEST NAME, EVER???

I did test out Vernal Equinox Supermoon, but that only lasted about 12 seconds.  Maybe if it was V. Equinox Supermoon, Esq. - Lawyer by day and Lunatic by night in equal measure. I would be undercover and have to stay away from the ocean lest I mess up the tides and reveal my identity with my SUPERMOONINESS. The trouble starts when I have to represent Triton in a wrongful barnacle case and there's no way to avoid the sea. I try to get the case moved to a smaller lake somewhere, but guess what? The judge is a total hardass and my client informed me that he "doesn't do ponds."

(thrilling conclusion: we settled out of court. I discovered that I could fly to the moon, but only on solstice or equinox - so if you want something from the moon, you've got a while to think about it.)
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