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Thursday, March 17, 2011
It's raining. Let's have some color and look at freaky plant shapes, shall we?

I think this almost looks like it could be part of some undersea anemone, or glow in the dark alien worm creatures - but nope. It's the center of a hellebore.

SPINY! (I gotta tell you, I want to spell spiny with an e, all spiney-like. But it's wrong.) Anyway, in my new life as an eccentric who does things like visit the haberdasher and my own personal milliner, I am going to have a hat that looks like this. In addition to its general pink magnificence, it will also serve to save my seat whenever I might get up to do whatever. (like set fires or order milkshakes at the counter or  whatever.)

Oooh, now I want this as a hat, too. Although this one looks a little bit more like a science experiment gone awry. Like maybe it is alive in ways beyond plant ways. Don't say anything you don't want repeated in front of it, is what I'm getting at. This freaky plant hat has ears and lots of them.

orchid face
this orchid is obviously singing opera. I can't even imagine what else it might be. Maybe some kind of heavy metal?  Did I hallucinate the story I read somewhere on the internet a while ago about the opera teacher or voice coach or someone like that who rated various heavy metal singers on their singing ability? It was fascinating and really funny, but not in a mean way.

hydrangea blue
So, this is a little soft focus. A little Joan Collins vaseline lens for my friend the blue hydrangea. Isn't she beautiful, though? I love these colors together VERY MUCH.

hydrangea blue
blue hydrangea canopy. I like it because it looks like an enormous hydrangea tree! In addition to my flower hats, I now want a parasol made from blue hydrangea. No, no. It won't look weird at all! it'll be awesome.
3 comments on "springshot"
  1. Woa! Owsley had nothing on these.

  2. no but seriously: every time i look at these i start to TRIP. (no other way to say it, sadly: i am a child of my era)

  3. in that case I hope you're in a safe place when you look at them...

    (thank you!)


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