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Saturday, March 05, 2011
GUESS WHAT?  I was finally able to apply for a permanent version of my job today. WOOO! All week long I kept thinking "it opens today!" but I was always wrong... until today! It's finished and now I'm kind of delirious from trying to cram a bazillion buzzwords into three paragraphs of attempted distilled personal awesomeness. (Delirious in a dizzy, should lie down way, not in a doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot Prince delirious way, although Prince does make me dizzy.) We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm just glad that it's done and, as my dad used to say when it was too late to change anything, "in the lap of the gods."

Now I can quit fretting about it coming up and start fretting about whether or not I did it right and wondering how many applications they get. (my guess: 1000+) But first: sleeping.

in other news:
•new moon (TONIGHT)

•I burned the roof of my mouth on soup, which drives me crazy

•All the drawers fell out of my dresser. I guess they didn't fall all the way out,  but they started hanging at weird angles giving that fashionable, rakish, ransacked hillbilly look. It's an Ikea dresser that's over 10 years old, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but man alive. When they quit working, they quit working! Now I'm in the market for a vintage dresser made from actual wood instead of one made from melamine and the stolen chest of drawer dreams of Swedish forest gnomes. I'm sure letting the 20lb cat sleep in open drawers didn't hasten the dresser's demise... (he looks so cute!)  I finally got the drawers back in, but the clothes are still everywhere.

• Are you still thinking of Delirious by Prince? I am! and it's not on my computer for some reason, so I am UNSATISFIED.

•Remember when I learned to make internet bullet points? it was a happy day. (Option 8 on a mac - thanks, Bec.)

• ooh - here's another hot mac tip: option shift and the volume key will let you make it louder (or quieter) in smaller increments! Not that you'd want small increments for Delirious.

•I have to find the CD that has Delirious on it. Where did it go?

•This gives me an idea for an after midnight detective show. Prince will solve sexy crimes and every episode ends with a performance, just like on Fat Albert or Josie and the Pussycats in the olden days.

•Speaking of sexy crime solving, have you been watching Justified? RAYLAN! You might think that Timothy Olyphant plays a lot of cops, but his Marshal Raylan Givens is miles away from Sheriff Seth Bullock - farther than I imaged possible. Anyway - it's a good show that would be good even if Raylan didn't wear his hat with such charm. (But he does!)

• ha ha ha! I had itunes set to "prince" when I was looking for Delirious and Prince of Parties came on, which... well, it IS delirious, just a completely different kind - see for yourself. I'm going to bed

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