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Monday, January 30, 2012
Here are the rest of the pictures from my visit to the Smith and Bybee wetlands. The sun was angled just right to get all these reflections, which I thought looked pretty creepy/cool. The path ended right here, covered in water. At first I thought it was flooded, but now I think it might just be where people put their kayaks in the water.

bottom of a tree
Bottom of a tree! Overexposed, which I fixed and then unfixed. It was one of those bright but overcast days.

sun and trees
Here's the sun behind a cloud with those camera marks that I hate so much. Guess what? I finally discovered what they are! It's DUST on the inner lens. It gets sucked in there when the lens extends from the body of the camera - apparently Panasonic Lumix cameras are especially vulnerable.  I found a great tutorial on youtube for taking apart my camera and cleaning things up, which I would have done already but all my tiny screwdrivers are broken. Soon!

trains nearby
It's this great natural wetland on one side of the road, and then industrial train yard on the other. I guess the birds are probably all used to the sounds associated with the trains. I don't think the trains care at all about the sounds the birds make.

tree silhouette
The sun is eating these trees! This has fewer of the dust marks, but I can still see some on the left. Blue sky is THE WORST for these stupid marks to show up. I can't tell you how many photos they've ruined. But apart from that, I like this photo.
1 comment on "more wetlands"
  1. I love that there is so much nature in the city, that hasn't been paved over or otherwise destroyed. I also love these photos very much!


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