cabin fever correction

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Saturday, January 21, 2012
I've been doing a lot of indoor projects lately I'm rapidly approaching cabin fever mode. I need to get outside. I've needed to get outside for months. The hard part is that I'm ALMOST DONE with so many of these projects so my inclination is to just stay put and work on them until they're finished, but I think I'm getting slower and slower (and crabbier and crabbier). Something must be done!

My modest Sunday ambition is to be outside for at least a half hour. Doable! even if it's pouring down rain.
2 comments on "cabin fever correction"
  1. I hear you! Checked the weather report this morning: Sunshine tomorrow! I need to cut all the dead stuff--have needed to do so for at least a month. Good luck on getting out today! I know you used to walk in the rain...

  2. I totally used to walk in the rain! It's just water. But today I got called into work, so we'll see about TOMORROW.


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