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Monday, January 09, 2012
private booths for ladies

Today I got to give an 8 year old his first library card (it's a tradition in his family that when the kids turn 8, they can get their own card if they want it). That was the fun one. The less fun one was explaining to a woman that I can't just magically stop her overdue book from accruing more fines because she's 'looking for it.' Unfortunately, when 75 other people are waiting to borrow it, the options are pretty much bring it back or pay some late fines. I told her nicer than that, though. There were plenty of other transactions, but they were so neutrally pleasant none of them stand out.

The picture today was my most viewed photo on flickr for Monday - so weird what floats to the top on any given day. I took it a few years ago on a road trip to eastern Washington in (checks flickr tags) Ellensburg. I think it was on the side of a Chinese restaurant. I know I've posted that picture before - I've got to get out of my photo rerun rut.
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