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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

NSFW (language and air quotes, would be fine if you've got headphones and zen tolerance for air quotes.) I have extra affection because I immediately identified the "Ag Science" books he holds up as library books.

For what it's worth, Iowa was one of my favorite states on my road trip this past summer. I didn't know what to expect (farms?), but it was beautiful and had, hands down, the best rest areas on the whole trip.

These Iowa caucuses are WILD - Santorum?! (I thought we'd get through this Republican nomination process without Santorum floating to the front of the crazy parade like Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Paul, and Gingerich, but I guess not. Poor Hunstman, stuck in back playing the tuba.)  I would be more concerned about Santorum, but really it's only a tiny percentage of Iowa voters who participate so I'm not overly concerned. I think Romney will end up with the party nomination, but it will be interesting to see if they drive it all the way to the convention before they give it to him. I like it better that way - I hate that the nominations are all tied up so early and everything is such a bought and paid for professional package deal. The vice presidency used to be awarded to the runner up! That would liven things up, don't you think? Two vigorous rivals forced to work together for the good of the country? Stranger things have happened.
2 comments on "Iowa Nice"
  1. I approve of Iowa rest areas as well! I think a lot of the cold winter midwestern ones have pretty nice ones, because it's not too uncommon for people to get stranded.

    Re the primary - At least Bachman dropped out afterwards (or am I on the crazy train? I'm sure I heard that somewhere). The only good thing I can think of about a potential President Romney is that I have A. convinced that Mitt is short for Mittens. I should probaby not head up the advertising for his campaign.

  2. Iowa rest areas were a big, luxurious step above all of their neighbors (free wi-fi! ample maps and vending machines! very clean!), but almost everybody beats Oregon. I love this state, but our rest areas are not up to the mark. You make a valid point about the snow and being stranded - I guess Oregon figures there's no need to provide shelter from the misty rain.

    Bachmann totally dropped out! But Santorum has stepped it up. I don't think Romney will win the presidency, but I think he'll get the nomination. His real name is WILLARD, which is almost, but not quite as good as Mittens. (think of the anti-mitten campaign you could run! What kind of socialist leaves all his fingers TOGETHER in one covering, keeping each other warm? you should contact Newt's people immediately.)


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