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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#1, a picture of the kitten in a rare moment of repose. His name is Otis, but mostly I call him "aaaaaaah! Stop climbing my jeans!" or "Get out of that plant!" which I feel guilty about because he's only a baby and he loves to climb and he loves plants. I love plants, too!  If I had claws who knows what I'd climb. 

My legs are covered in tiny red scratches, but I don't care. 

He and Busby are getting along pretty well. Every now and then Busby holds him down and whaps him on the head or gives him a bath, both of which Otis loves.  On Busby's part, it's not love at first sight, but it gives me hope they'll get to a good place eventually since he's willing to teach and play with this tiny maniac. That makes it sound like they're not in a good place now - I think they are, but it will get even better when one of them is not 95% kitten insane. 

Tonight was jeopardy night at trivia - we were way ahead at the beginning - but by the time final jeopardy was over, we were out of it. Damn you, final jeopardy!

#2, I worked on my quilt for a bit today while watching Stephen Fry in America, which is streaming on Netflix. In this show he's visiting all 50 states in a London-style black taxi and having small adventures. (I'm on a horse/hot air balloon/steam engine/etc.) Now that I think of it, I wonder if he's visiting all 50 or just the continental 48? I will have to tune in tomorrow to find out! This time I learned that he prefers the deep south to Florida, and that nobody ever has much to say about Delaware except for "there's Delaware" as they drive by the sign. Poor Delaware. 

2 comments on "picture wednesday"
  1. I'm so glad Busby and "Get Out of that Plant" are getting on well. I knew they would! The Muppet has now inherited Antonio as his middle name, which makes him the 2nd pet in our house (the other is Gizmo, whose full name is Gizmo Antonio R...

  2. hee hee! We should all change our middle names to Antonio. How goes the The Muppet/ Cody battle of wits?


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