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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The beginning piano part of this song was playing in my head when I opened my eyes this morning. It was perfectly timed, like a movie montage. Then the cat walked on my head and I forgot all about it until I was in the shower, which is where I remembered the rest and have been thinking of it all day. (now you can, too!)

I love these early 80s videos. They crack me up - so much archaeology and so many sand dunes! (I credit/blame Raiders of the Lost Ark.) Also - it's not even a Stevie song, but she is front and center wearing a flashy red dress and lounging around/ mysteriously carrying a painting over the dunes while Christine McVie (whose song this is) is wearing weird orange blusher, a blouse made out of a tablecloth, and singing into a broken mirror. It hardly seems fair. Maybe in 6 months when weird orange blusher and blouses made out of tablecloths are all the rage, I'll see this differently.

[Now I've watched this thing a thousand times, and Christie McVie does get plenty of face time on the video (since she's singing) and I guess lounging around in the mystery dune chaise makes more sense for Stevie than playing tambourine on a camel or white horse or whatever. I GUESS.]

In other news, I skipped Saturday in my blog-a-day January. I'd had a lovely day and it melted into a lovely evening where I was reading my book (<3 u, chas. dickens) and didn't look at my computer again. It was an impromptu technology sabbatical, and I LIKED IT.
4 comments on "can you understand me"
  1. Coming from someone who has skipped all but the first two days of January, I think it's okay that you skipped a Saturday. January has been craptacular. I think I will start my month in Second January (also known as February)

  2. I love the notion of Second January!

  3. Oh, Lordy! Listened to "can you understand me" a couple times for old nostalgia's sake, then sent it to my son who used to love it, then played it for my grandson to give him an idea of his father's taste at his age--and I have that song totally stuck in my mind. Fleetwood Mac while doing my Yoga? Trippy.

  4. Hee hee -it gets in the brain and stays in the brain.


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