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Friday, January 06, 2012
the steady gaze of pinata godzilla

I am so unorganized so far this year - day six went by in a fog and now here it is late at night and miles to go before I sleep, etc. This is especially dumb because I have set up these recurring tasks for myself: blog post a day (for January) and little art project a day (for the foreseeable future). I know this when I wake up in the morning! yet today I wasted time like a professional time waster about to get a performance bonus. So here I am slightly after midnight getting ready to backdate this business.

Last night at this time I had a migraine and today I don't, so there's something to be happy about. (and I'm SO HAPPY that I don't have one tonight. The weather has been whipsawing around which is a recipe for the stealth headache - the background kind that builds all day until it has enough power to send jaggy lightning bolts of pain all around my cranium.)

For my art project today I think I'm going to do a little bird drawing/painting. I'm into birds lately. The kitten drank all the gross paint water that I left on my desk, but I can pour some out from my water bottle so no worries! (Also, no worries about Otis - it was watercolor water, and the colored part had mostly sunk to the bottom. I mean, I wouldn't want to drink it, but I've seen cats drink WAAAAAAY grosser water.)  This art project a day has not been without interruption, but I really missed it when it was gone. It's like writing or anything - time away makes it harder, time at it makes it easier. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long to get up to speed as long as I don't waste the day in a post-migraine fog, or any other kind of fog. Down with fog.

Here's a crazy question: what would happen if I did this stuff IN THE MORNING? Hmmmm. The very idea of it grates against my sense of when I'm allowed to be creative, but maybe if I just get up and pretend that there's nothing weird about it, there will be nothing weird about it. Must investigate.
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