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Sunday, January 06, 2013
buxton trestle

On new year's day my sister found the Buxton Trestle on a map or in a flickr group and said "right, let's go" so we did. It was so cool! It's part of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, which is a rail trail, which doesn't sound like the right phrase at all since it rhymes with "whale tail" but that is what they call it anyway. Old rail line, now suitable for walking, biking, equestrian-ing (what is the word for horseback riding that's not horseback riding? Is there one?).

It was still quite frosty and a little bit slippery, but the walk was very beautiful!

buxton trestle
I like the words 'buxton trestle' together. It sounds like a location in middle earth, or perhaps where a train robbery will take place. ("If we head them off at Buxton Trestle, the sheriff won't have time to get there! yee haw!" pew! pew! pew!) This part looks a bit like an old wooden roller coaster.

frozen leaves
We saw no hobbits or elves or dwarves or train robbers, although any would seem plausible in the setting. (I love these frozen leaves that are outlined in frost!)

winter walk
Where does this road go? We only went down it part way. An adventure for another time, perhaps.

winter walk
The light on this tree was MAGIC. The frost and ice that was on it was sparkling as it melted in the sun.

Some frost on the trestle itself. I love these ice crystals.

buxton trestle
Dude riding by on his bicycle. The trestle was slippery anywhere the ice hadn't melted - this guy was riding slow and steady, but even so he slipped a couple of times. (I never saw him fall, though.)

buxton trestle
I like this view because you can see more of the curve of the trestle. I bet it's a lovely walk in all 4 seasons. There were a number of horses around, although they're not allowed on the trestle proper. I mention this because looking at this photo has put horse noises in my ear.

buxton trestle
Doesn't this look cold? It's the water that goes under the trestle. I'm not sure which creek this is - either Beaver Creek or Dairy Creek, I think.

All in all, a very fun fairly gentle most excellent way to spend the first day of the new year.

2 comments on "buxton trestle"
  1. It looks, and sounds, wonderful! I guess there a million hidden treasures to find, and now, with just the click of a mouse, or finger, or whatever people use, you can find them! It sounds like you enjoyed the adventure, which is the best part.

  2. It was the best part! the hard part is prying myself out of the house.


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