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Saturday, January 05, 2013

I watched The Hunger Games movie tonight and I liked it. I haven't read the book, but some trusted people who have said the movie was good, so I thought why not? My main issue is that I've been going around all night singing "I Know All There Is To Know About the Hunger Games" (like this) which is UNTRUE because like I said I haven't read the books nor was I forced to compete in a lethal reality show as a teenager,  but you know the brain wants to sing the songs it wants to sing.

Have you seen it? Have you read the book? What did you think?
4 comments on "if it's not on the soundtrack, it should be"
  1. Really? You liked it? Maybe I will reconsider. I read the books and liked them, but was worried the movie would be too gross.

  2. I did! The movie is still gross in that the even fictional existence of the games is gross, but I thought they did a very good job alluding to most of the violence without rolling around in it - they don't brush it under a rug nor do they glorify it. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was very good as Katniss.

    I'm coming to it backwards from you! I'm going to read at least the first book now that I've seen the movie.

    1. I have the first book, if you want to borrow it!

    2. Thanks, man! I just got it from the library. It turns out that 5 years later (or whatever) is how long it takes to not have a massive hold list.

      Fair warning: I was talking to someone (else) at work who'd read the book then saw the movie and she did NOT care for the movie version. Then we got really busy and I couldn't interrogate her further. So: Opinions Vary.


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