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Wednesday, January 09, 2013
yellow door
(this door is in Goldendale, Washington and has nothing to do with my maybe moldy floor.)

I was working on something else to post for tonight but then decided that it needed further work or ditching - either way I didn't want to spend more time on it now because I want to go to bed!

But first:

1) I resumed my long stalled floor-painting project and hit a snag. I brought my paint up from the basement, took the lid off, and found a disgusting moldy skin across the top. Ugh. The internet said to throw the paint away, but it was most of a gallon! So I read on until I found one brave soul who said he was going to remove the skin and paint with it anyway. "I'll do that too," I thought. Can I just say UGH UGH UGH. That skin was double plus gross, but I peeled it off and went on with my project. The problem is I think I can still smell the moldy weirdness. I don't want to give myself some sort of respiratory problem - moldy lung or brain mold or whatever. I THINK that it might go away once I get it all sealed. I'm going to try that tomorrow, and if that doesn't work then of course I will buy another gallon of paint. It's just weird that it got moldy in the first place! I've never had paint do that before.

2) I'm reading Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan for book group and I'm enjoying it so much! That's not mold spores talking, either - it's good stuff.

3) it might snow but not stick tonight. I hope so. I mean, I would be happy if it snowed and stayed snowy, too, but that's apparently not in the cards.
3 comments on "MOLD maybe"
  1. Oh no, don't use it--I did that once and it reeked to high heaven forever and THEN (during forever) grew mold splotches all over itself. It's like the whole thing is infected, not just the skin on top.

    Sorry! Bad news, I know!

  2. !!! that is bad news, but I love this "it reeked to high heaven forever and THEN (during forever)" hee hee! "and THEN (during forever)" should be our next major calendar system or the title of an awesome YA time travel novel!

    Maybe it was mold spores altering my perceptions, but this morning the paint in the gallon did not smell like anything but paint when I took the lid off and a quick vinegar rag over everything else took away the other smell. Which is the long way of saying TOO LATE. I've been painting all day! :(

    (*silently screams*) On the plus side, the floor I'm painting is upstairs and always warm, never damp. May mold never gain purchase! (I AM FREAKING OUT, but thank you for the warning. It's too late for me, but maybe it will be a help to someone in the future.)

  3. Oh boy! I'm very heartened by the lack of smell of anything but paint. Maybe my experience was not indicative of those to come!

    I really hope it's all great! I love painting giant flat surfaces, don't you? Very satisfying.


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