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Wednesday, January 02, 2013
'mossy legs
(don't these look like mossy legs? And a mossy torso? And mossy hands? I'm pretty sure this tree was sneaking up on me.)

Resolutions! I used to be against the Resolution Industrial Complex because it seemed like such an arbitrary system prone to failure, but now realize that I made poor choices. Small steps are the way to go. In my no-resolution years, I switched it up to a general theme idea - like "this year I say yes to things," or "this year I try things and don't worry so much about the result." This works, but I think what's even better is a combination of general ideas and specific (DOABLE!) goals/ resolutions.

I'm still working on the list of specific things for which I can earn a sticker or make a mark on the calendar, but I have a couple of big theme ideas ready to go. The first is: FINISH IT! I have many started and stopped projects, it's a good time to finish them up or let them go. I find myself wanting to pare down to what I really want, which is good because it means I might finally have some idea what I really want.

The Second, which goes hand in hand with the first is STASH BUSTING. I've got a lot of stuff, and I should use it up! What's the point of having some beautiful fabric or lovely yarn or amazing beads if they just sit in a bag or on a shelf. This line of thinking led me to the great World War 2 don't waste it slogan:


Which got me thinking even more about the Use It Up portion -  I can't tell you how many little ends of things I have around (pens that are almost dead, lipstick that's almost gone, etc.) that just gather dust. I'm going to make a concerted effort to wring all of the good out of these things and then send the husks on their way.  2013 will find me shopping from my own supply first. 

I have a weekly desk calendar for the first time in years. I want to write down what I've done so I can see the results at the end of the year. I keep an electronic journal, but it's just not the same for wondering when it was I painted the hallway or what day the sweet peas went in the ground.  

As a break from the money-spending holiday season, I'm also having an Austerity January where I'm not buying anything unless I have to.  We'll see how it goes! It certainly doesn't hurt to try. 

In the end, I think flexibility is key for getting the most out of a new year plan. Try it, if it doesn't work like you thought it would try it again in a different way. What do you want? How do you get there? Keep trying and have a great year!!
6 comments on "use it up!"
  1. Great policy! I love using things up. It's like finishing a project, isn't it? Like you finally get to cross that thing off. I've been using up odds and ends of shampoo and conditioner and finding it far too satisfying, hee!

    I love Austerity January! I might have Austerity Year if things don't start looking up, whoops. But you know, making quilts out of the fabric you have, and that sort of thing. Again, very satisfying! Hurray!

    1. it IS like finishing a project! I never really thought of it just that way before but it's so true. there must be an endorphin release or something, because it does feel weirdly great to get rid of an extra bottle.

      I hope your year starts looking up ASAP, Maggie! But YES to making quilts out of fabric you have, etc. I've been eyeing some sheets that I don't use any more - they would make nice quilt backs! and then I feel like a scrappy, resourceful pioneer even though an actual scrappy, resourceful pioneer would roll her eyes at me, no doubt.

    2. Hahahaha! Yay! I totally know that scrappy resourceful pioneer feeling of righteousness. It's intoxicating! And silly, because hello, am totally not. But I love it anyway.

      Mostly I just want LESS STUFF though I'm not sure how sewing up fabric I have into things I will keep is supposed to make that happen. Hmmm. Oh well. Quilting time!

    3. ha ha! YES. I share your dilemma. But at least we're changing bits and pieces which are hard to keep track of into a finished object that can be folded up neatly?

  2. I love Treelegs! If muppets were made out of foliage, that is exactly what they would look like.

    1. Oh, I like muppets made out of foliage (ha ha! I typed "foilage" ala Marge Simpson) better than my other thought, which was Sasquatch in camo!


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