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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

chia elephant takes a shower
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Birthday agenda: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Wheeeee! As soon as the chocolates were transported in the factory via mini-parachutes, I knew I would love this movie.), Lunch/dinner at Thanh Thao (so good), Chris Isaak concert at the zoo. It all went well until we got to the zoo. The lawn filled up sooner than we anticipated and we found ourselves in an island of loathsome yuppies. Of course not all Yuppies are loathsome, but these were. We tolerated it through the opening act, sitting on our sand chairs listening to the inane prattle (Mom actually took a transcription since she didn't bring anything to read while Bec and I were out taking pictures). They just Would Not Shut Up. So, we got up and left to find somewhere, anywhere to stand for the Chris Isaak portion of the show. We found a sweet spot back by the elephant enclosure. We could see better than our at the Yuppie Spot PLUS, it wasn't very crowded. But the best part was one of the elephants came out to enjoy the show. He would sway back and forth during the songs he really liked, and go stick his head in a hole in the wall for the ones he liked less. So, following is the playlist from the concert, with special notation for elephant faves.
(I have seen a lot of Chris Isaak shows, and after a while some of the stage banter is a little familiar. This show was different! not only was there a new-to-me suit (robin's egg blue cross between mariachi/vegas elvis/sky masterson), but there was a new order/rhythm to the show.)

1. American Boy - yay! if he had to sing songs from the last album, this is a good one to choose.
2. San Francisco Days - this was the elephant's favorite song!
3. Let me down easy
4. California Sun - (Kenney singing)
5. Goin' Nowhere
6. Somebody's Cryin'
7. Wicked Game
8. One Day
9. I want You To Want Me - great cover
organ interlude
10. Western Stars - switch to acoustic. Chris mentions the k.d. lang cover of this song, which I have heard and is amazing. I need to acquire a copy or find the one I already have.
11. Two Hearts - acoustic
12. Sweet Leilani - ("you guys sing, I'll sing higher") - acoustic
13. Can't Do a Thing - acoustic
14. Julie - acoustic
15. Dancin' - acoustic
children's happy coal mining song
16. Only the Lonely - elephant liked this one too!
17. Please - this one was half acoustic, and half electric. They worked it out.
18. Blue Hotel
19. Always Got Tonight (during this song a peacock took to the air and ended up in the giant fir tree behind the stage)
organ interlude that the elephant was really digging
20. beyond the sea/ bride of scotty medley - elephant approved
21. Notice the ring - the elephant really likes the fake rock flute.
a. Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing/hoochie dance/ bye bye baby - this got people dancing - but the elephant prefers something a little less rockin'.
b. new orleans whorehouse blues (did not get an actual song name - this is what he called it, though) - this the elephant LOVES.
c. Forever Blue
4 comments on "chia elephant takes a shower and other birthday stories"
  1. Some wisdom from Citizen R: When I told her that elephants love New Orleans whorehouse blues, she just said "Who doesn't?" and kept walking.

  2. Hee hee! So wise, so concise.
    Hey - do you have that kd lang version of Western Stars? I have it in my head that I heard it in your car.

  3. I believe I had it on that tape that had "Big Boned Girl" on it (another one that I need as an mp3, because the lyrics crack me up!) I'm not sure where the tape is, but I do know that I have heard the version and it really very good. Whoever recommended it to you gets my seal of non-jivery!

  4. Well, you should mail that seal of non-jivery to Mr. Chris Isaak, because he was the one that mentioned it, and that made me remember hearing it in your car. It is good. I'm going to go see if iTMS has it. (imagine a montage where I do some exciting web surfing) They Do! It is on Shadowland. unfortunately, they don't have it on a CD with Big Boned Gal. but I guess that doesn't matter when you can purchase by the song! (they have two versions of BBG - one live and one from Absolute Torch and Twang.) All that fun for just two dollars!


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