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Monday, July 04, 2005
OK, I am going to test the photo thing. I have to say this is attempt no. 2, as the first one crashed my browser. But that browser is oldish, so I am trying again on firefox. What I wish blogger would add is a way of tagging entries so I could find all of my book posts, music posts, navel-gazing whine-fest posts, etc. at the touch of a button. Maybe it is in the works. Livejournal has it (for free), and I want it (for free)!

edit: and obviously the picture thing didn't work for me! I guess it is just flickr for me for now. It's ok - flickr is great.
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  2. Livejournal has some nice features. So does bravejournal, which I tested out a bit when I was looking for a place to do my blog. They have some pretty cool stuff there.

  3. Livejournal does have cool stuff. Every now and then I think about switching, but all my stuff is here... Actually - when I was looking to set up a blog Livejournal was invite-only, which I found a little offputting (and also didn't know anyone who was a member).
    It's funny - every service I've looked at has its good points. I think typepad is probably the most flexible/groovy that I've seen, but it is not free. And free is one of my requirements! I've not seen bravejournal before - I'll have to go check it out. But blogger keeps adding stuff, so who knows.

  4. Bravejournal is free - or at least they have a level of service that is free and has lots of stuff. I ended up choosing Blogger, because it is a little more user friendly, but they did have some fun customizations there.

  5. I checked it out - they do have some neat customizations, but also a huge ad banner at the top. I didn't look at all of their layouts or anything, though. I think I'll be staying put for now. I mostly like how blogger works and looks - I just really wish I could tag stuff! Tagging's not crucial by any means, but I think I have become obsessed by it (thanks to flickr, no doubt).

  6. I like Blogger as well. It's very user friendly and that's what I care about most!


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