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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I should be cleaning or packing, but it is so dang hot I am sitting here in front of the computer with a glass of cold water and a popsicle. I like the heat, it just isn't that condusive to doing much more than I'm doing. Maybe that's why I like it.
In my hot-weather web-browsing I have found out some truly excellent news! When posting the Confessions of a Teen Sleuth review below, I was going to mention the excellent short story by Kelly Link called, strangely enough, The Girl Detective, from her wonderful first collection called Stranger Things Happen. The tone and mood of that piece are very different from the Chelsea Cain book, so I thought maybe it needed its own entry. The short story is a dreamy fantastical haze. Kelly Link is able to write in a way that articulates moods and feelings that words normally can't describe. She reaches down into the unconscious, deep down into the things a person knows in their bones, and makes what she finds into art. Somehow. I want to say it is like magic, but that feels like cheating, so I will just say that to me these stories are like the kind of music that makes me listen again and again, even though I'm not sure why. And maybe I don't want to know why.

The wonderful news is that she has made the whole of her book Stranger Things Happen available for free download under a Creative Commons license. Click on the Stranger Things Happen link above for more information (and some fantastic reading).

Now I want to read her new book Magic For Beginners even more than I did before.

Here's a blurb from the back of STH by Karen Joy Fowler: A set of stories that are by turns dazzling, funny, scary, and sexy, but only when they're not all of these at once. Kelly Link has strangeness, charm and spin to spare. Writers better than this don't happen.
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