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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
So, here's a collection of random links that I currently am digging. Some I have added to the sidebar, for some it is too soon to make that sort of commitment, and some are ephemeral pleasures:

1. The Will To Rock aka OK Go's blog - not to be confused with their Official Site. Now that they are not on tour, I am sure the blog will be updated less frequently - but it is totally worth it to go back and read the archives. I know it is all marketing blah blah blah, but they are funny and charming. Their 3 Song EP is available on the iTunes Music store, and is totally worth it for the two songs from the new album ( Oh No due in stores at the end of August) - PLUS a rockin' cover of the Cure's The Lovecats. It is not a slavish cover, but is definitely true to the spirit of the original, which I, personally, think is the best way to go.

2. mod's hair/hairstyles This is a japanese site with LOTS of pictures of haircuts! Since I have to get a new picture for my driver's license this week, I am motivated to find a good picture for a cut. This site had some great ones - the models look like real girls on the street with not-perfect shellacked Product Head, which is nice. Plus the pics were easy to download and print out for taking to the salon. Yay!

3. Sometimes you just need to look at something beautiful. I recommend these flickr-based photoblogs: Green Is Beautiful, from the flickr color-group of the same name, and the wonderfulCatchy Colors.

4. The Number One Songs In Heaven is an amazing Mp3 blog focusing on old soul, funk, and dance music. I have found so many new to me songs, and my special favorite - fantastic forgotten songs by familiar artists. Every Friday is Boogie Friday- well worth visiting often.

5. Between desktop pictures for your computer? Take a gander at Veer. They are a design firm that have lots of free to use designs that are fun and interesting. I first heard about them because they were kind enough to host the fantastic animated video for Junior Senior's move your feet song. If you're not sure you want to go watch it (requires quicktime), let me assure you that there IS an evil squirrel featured.
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