Now May You Weep

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Monday, July 11, 2005
by Deborah Crombie #22

Another solid Gemma James/ Duncan Kincaid mystery. I found the Scotland setting and the characters interesting, but found the actual resolution of the crime to be a little thin. I usually don't read these for the resolution anyway, so that wasn't a huge disapointment. My favorite Crombie was one before she made Gemma and Duncan into a romantic pair. I see why she felt like she had to do it, but I liked the romantic tension in their working environment better than domestic tension. I missed a couple of novels though, so I am not operating with all the information. Perhaps if I had read the two I skipped, it would all be chocolates and kittens. (doubtful).
She also used the "flashback at the start of every chapter" device, which I HATE. Flashbacks are so often The DEVIL, and I was shaking my fist at these right up until the reveal at the end. And the reveal was a lame as well. I am probably being too hard on it - Crombie is really good at what she does - this particular one had a couple of my personal Don't Love qualities in it, however.
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