Avalon High

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
by Meg Cabot #5

Meet Ellie (Elaine) Harrison -- Ellie has moved to Washington D.C. from Minnesota with her two medievalist parents and has begun attending Avalon High. Ellie likes nothing better than floating in the middle of the pool and running through the park until she meets and feels an unnaturally strong, fast connection to... A. William Wagner (tall, dark, handsome, quarterback, man's man, ladies man, man about town -- beloved of teachers, old ladies, jocks, nerds and cheerleaders alike). Will has a posse: Lance Reynolds (Will's best friend, second in command, blond, muscled, but not too bright), Jennifer Gold (Will's blonde and beautiful cheerleader girlfriend who seems to come out of a lot of rooms flushed and breathless right after Lance has left), Marco (Will's trouble-making, tattoo-having, bad-attitude step-brother), and Mr. Morton (squirrelly teacher who tries to throw Ellie and Lance together at every opportunity).

Hijinks ensue! I liked Ellie a lot. She's another example of Meg Cabot's light but deft hand at creating smart, caring, and human teenaged characters.

If you have not guessed what the A. stands for in A. William Wagner, let me give you a hint... they are attending AVALON high. His best pal is LANCE, his evil brother is named MORDRED, oops, I mean Marco. Oh, yeah! Meg Cabot brings on the Camelot! It's fun. There are Forces of Darkness and everything.
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