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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Miracle cure for late winter ennui: Claritin! I thought I was losing my mind -- February has been one freaky month so far, but now I know at least part of it (the frozen-in-amber part) was due to ALLERGIES! I got the brilliant idea to take a claritin after removing a cat hair from my eyball this morning (so gross!!) Many hours of vacuuming later I feel like a new woman.

TV Show that I am digging: Hustle -- It's a BBC show on AMC, and is so much fun! Capers and cons, people! It's centered on a group of grifters who specialize in the "long con." There is some talking to the camera (they will often freeze the action and explain the details of a particular con to the audience), but I do not find it annoying at all. Their sort of guiding principle is that you can't cheat an honest man, but that there are lots of dishonest ones that you can. Anyway, it is lighthearted but not completely without consequences -- there are some interpersonal issues, and the leader of their group (Mickey Bricks) could go back to prison for a long time if he ever gets caught. This would be a fun one to watch on DVD if it ever comes out that way. Wheeee!

CD I have been listening to not obsessively, but a lot: The Shins Chutes Too Narrow -- this is so good!! Particular favorites of mine (although it is hard not to list every song on the CD), currently: So Says I, Young Pilgrim, Saint Simon, Fighting in a Sack, Turn a Square, and Those to Come

Fun things to look at here: Teesha Moore's website.
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