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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
So, I was looking at the charming and fabulous A Dress A Day blog this morning, and Erin (Ms. Dress A Day) says to Grab every opportunity for joy that life affords you. Erin is smart! This is such good advice -- it seems so basic, but I think we as a society tend to forget that happiness is a worthwhile goal. A trick I've picked up along the way is to allow yourself to take pleasure in the little things. I'm sure it's fantastic to win the lotto or publish your novel, but it is also pretty great when that spoonful of chocolate ice cream misses your white shirt! (although if it doesn't, check out item #4)

So, to revive an old Law of Sympathy tradition (well, I did it at least twice), here are some happy-making things.

1. Pink sneakers! I have two pair. They make me happy just looking down. Perhaps pink is not your color, but maybe it's time to dip into the crayon box for something. Start with socks if you must, but start somewhere.

2. Monkey Song by Bunky! on Fluxblog from Feb. 9. It has this crazy saxophone and loopy, slinky vocals, well, just go listen and read what Matthew Perpetua says about it.

3. Kiwi fruit! they are so tasty and so green. And ergonomic! Just cut it in half and eat with a spoon. (but don't eat too many or you may get an itchy rash on your legs.)

4. Magic Wand Stain Remover. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to get happy about, but it really works!

5. Livewire! it's cheap, it's fun, and it's tonight.
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