Hiding From Salesmen

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
by Scott Poole #6

Blondie gave me this collection of poems for Christmas. (This and the Colin Meloy ticket. She's an astute gift-giver.) She bought it at a Livewire event and even had it signed for me.

One of the things I like about Scott Poole is that he sees beauty and perversity in the mundane details of everyday life. This is not as common as one would think. Some people don't notice, or even worse -- unless it's fireworks spectacular they think it doesn't matter. But it does.

This collection does have the two poems I heard him read back at last year's Wordstock Livewire, but I have found several new favorites. Here's one that I love because of its sweet appreciation of a quiet moment:


I love watching her gentle tresses hang
over the Monopoly squares.
She has just purchased a house at Marvin Gardens--
not the most exciting property, true,
but certainly a step up from my apartment on Baltic.

When I turn the block and tap at the window to say
I owe you rent, and I love what you've done with these flowers,
she says, "Save it.
Join me for this roast. I'm celebrating. I just won
second prize in a beauty contest."

Even though she's a beautiful second
and as we eat the roast no one is winning,
it seems that this moment is the elusive prize.
Some things don't need to be owned.
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