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Saturday, February 25, 2006
I used to love the winter olympics despite not being much of a winter sport person (or any sport, really). There was just something about all that snow and enthusiasm that won me over. I must be getting jaded because I don't care much about them anymore. Is it because they split the winter games off from the summer games? I mean, obviously winter and summer are already split up, but they split the years, and I think maybe that dilutes the Olympicality of it all. Is it because I can watch it on 2000 cable channels or just read about it on the internet instead of having to watch whatever they were willing to show me on ABC? I don't know. All I know for sure is that I just can't work up much joy about it anymore, which kind of bums me out.

Yesterday Bec and I drove to Ikea. She drove on the way up, which meant I got to look at Mt. Rainier (which is very beautiful but potentially dangerous), and I drove on the way home so she got to look at the starry sky (which she insisted I should not try to look at while driving because that was potentially dangerous). I can't even remember why we were so sure Ikea was such a good idea, but we held on to it steadfastly. We drove for a total of about 6 hours (why do I always think it's only 2 hours each way? It's not!!), and I bought 4 plastic bookends that cost me .99 each. I would have bought more of them, but I wanted to make sure they would actually hold books up. They do (yay!) Bec did find more, which is good. Mostly it was a "looking around" trip. It seemed like they did not have as many room sets up as they usually do. I always like looking at these sets, although they are complete Ikea Fantasy. In order to have an Ikea room-set life, a person would have to have 1) no existing furniture, 2) no existing belongings like, say, books, or too many pairs of shoes, or piles of paper. (No I did not just look right around my desk. Okay, yes I did.) 3) a maid.

I think all of my efforts to rid myself of excess junk might be finally sinking in. I saw stuff that I would have been all "oooh, shiny" about a year ago, and this time I thought "you just got rid of one like that!" and "what do you need with rubber ice cube trays shaped like plus signs?" Progress. I'll take it.

The weird thing is I still feel car hungover today, which makes no sense. You're not allowed to have a car-hangover unless you've been in more than 8 hours! I am going to chalk it up to eating almost nothing but sugar and salt all day yesterday. And 1/3 of the grossest chicken salad sandwich ever assembled. I think if I never stop drinking water today, I should feel better by this evening.
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