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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Saturday = beach day! Bec and I drove to Lincoln City. Things learned: 1) that mexican restaurant we have been wanting to try since it changed owners is only so-so. 2) I still love the ocean (this was not really in doubt) 3) if time is not an issue, it is SO WORTH IT to take the scenic route. We went the longer, prettier way home and I could barely stand it! The moon was almost full and hanging right over the coast range as we were driving back home. The sky was all blue and purple from the clouds and it was just amazingly beautiful. 4) Bec's iPod may, in fact, be haunted. Or at least have a mind of its own. It was on shuffle (all songs) and kept playing the same bands over and over again. For the record: Old 97's, Chris Isaak (from Forever Blue and Baja sessions only) and Christmas music. We had to hit the skip button a lot, but that's OK. It was a good day.

Sunday = quilt piecing, because I am crazy. I really don't want to be doing this right now, because I know there are other things I should do instead, but here we are anyway. It is turning out pretty cool -- it's a sort of remix of an old one that I started. The old one was all hot pink and orange and generally looking like the afterimage of staring directly at the sun. I'm slicing that up and mixing it with solid white in irregular pieces. I think I will like it a lot. (we'll see -- I almost always think that at the beginning). This would all make more sense if I had any pictures, but I don't so you will just have to take my word for it.
2 comments on "two days"
  1. Whew! I was worried that when I told you "I know why you're quilting...because you're crazy" that I may have stepped over the line in some way but I see that you are in agreement! And I'm sure that it is going to look great! And YAY BEACH!

  2. Hee hee! No, you did not step over any line -- it was perfectly TRUE and also funny, so no worries! And it is still looking cool! (good sign)

    YAY BEACH! double true!!


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